Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Swine Not

More than three weeks after the UK's swine flu vaccination programme was supposed to have commenced it appears the vaccine has yet to reach Worcester Park.

'Katie' e-mailed the Worcester Park Blog to say:

"I'm in a priority group so was due to have mine two weeks ago. When I got to the surgery they told me they hadn't got the vaccine in stock after all. They re-booked it for this week, but again I was turned away because the vaccine hadn't arrived.

I'm due to go back next week - hopefully it will be third time lucky, but it's a long wait."

Have any blog readers managed to get the vaccine yet?

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axlrocky said...

ive had swine flu and survived - worcester parkers can take it! we dont need a vaccine!

Jack said...

So hard to have the vaccine yet, and now the flu has become more serious everywhere.

Jeff said...

All this vaccination of people to prevent swine flu is against Darwins Law and I must protest!

The current policy is to vaccinate people with diabetes, heart problems, degenerative illnesses, the elderly etc and leave the "healthy" population unprotected.

So if a Swine Flu epidemic wiped out all the unvaccinated "healthy" people, only the sick and frail would be left to populate the country.

Whatever happened to Survival of the Fittest? Charles Darwin must be spinning in his grave.

Andrew said...

Jeff, if Swine Flu actually was a killer of healthy people, then id agree with you. But it isn't, so i don't.

Andrew said...

I phoned the swine flu hotline and all I got was crackling...

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