Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Say Grace

First there was 'church in a pub'. Now there's 'church in a school' in the form of 'Grace Church', which held its inaugural meeting last Sunday at Green Lane Primary School.

You can find out all about them on their very swanky website.

Of course some people are still going with the old 'church in a church' concept, if that's more your thing.

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CAZ said...

Rumour has it Church in the Laundrette is coming soon, with a special appearance from June Brown to kick off proceedings.

Alan from Nefis is also considering opening his doors for a monthly event called 'Pitta Prayer'

More news see's furniture store Gosletts officially changing their name to Godletts, where they are looking to have a sit down event.

If I hear of any further activity, you fine people will be the first to know.....

Worcester Park said...

I'm looking forward to Church in the Laundrette - the opportunity to cleanse my soul and my smalls at the same time.

As for Nefis, I already worship there on a weekly basis.

I'm also thinking of rolling out my 'Pub In A Church' concept - St Philips already serves wine on Sundays, so it would be a logical next step.

axlrocky said...

best blog comments of the year so far - I chortled heartily and doth my cap to both of you!

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