Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Ryan Tonight!

OK, well maybe not tonight but it looks as if the protracted refurb/refit/reinvention of Ryan Gate may finally be nearing its conclusion.

The refit has been limping on since the beginning of October - although they are zooming ahead of 'More Than Lofts' who show little sign of being open in time for Christmas (2010).

Whilst I am on the subject of my Central Road favourites, Bombay Masala is now under new management. They have kept the same chef but have introduced horrific new heat-sealed plastic containers for their food.

If Satan had ever branched out into the production of take-away food packaging, he would no doubt have devised just such containers with their heat-sealed impossible-to-remove plastic film lids, which have to be cut away with a sharp knife and fished out of the curry (having invariably flopped into it).

The good news is that one the surgical procedure to remove the lids was completed, the food is every bit as perfect as it used to be.