Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Old Old Malden

I quite like Old Malden, really. I'm not exactly sure what the point of it is, but it does at least have the pretty Plough Green, the picturesque St John's Church , two decent curry houses and an annual community fair complete with morris dancing.

In fact, I think we should adopt it and make it part of Worcester Park. If they don't agree to that, we can just take it by force (preferably on a day when the morris people aren't defending it with their sticks).

Anyway, those of you into your local history may be interested to know that Kingston Borough's Chief Archivist Sue Lamb is giving a talk about 'The History Of Old Malden'.

The talk takes place on Thursday 26th Novmber at 3pm at Old Malden Library.

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Steve Clark said...

Wrong, wrong and thrice wrong! There is more to Old Malden than the church, a pretty green and two decent( Rupali yes, not so sure about the other one) curry houses. We do of course have the Plough, which you will no doubt dismiss becauase it is under the Harvester banner and an excellent Italian restaurant, A Roma.

Less well known and very strangely, the Worcester Park pub and Worcester Park station are in Old Malden. Have a look at the sign just under " Worcester Park " railway bridge which states " Royal Borough of Kingston Old Malden" The boundary then curves around Green Lane so that Green Lane School Worcester Park is not in Worcester Park at all but Old Malden!

As to declaring war on Old Malden, judging by the state of Worcester Park " High Street", you have had a lot of practice!

corp. Axlrocky - 2nd Worcester Park battalion said...

whilst doing an admirable job juggling his role as assistant manager of West Ham and Old Malden tourist officer, Mr Clark points only confirm the point that as a scruffier rougher brother of old malden the fight will be short and swift! Assemble the troops General blogger - we dive at dawn, ATTACK!

Worcester Park said...

Mr Clark you make a valid point, however having a Harvester is no defence against our imminent invasion. We will strike during the Early Bird Special, when those gathered will be too infirm and weak of limb to fight back against the might of the Worcester Parker. They may try and repel us with some well-aimed lettuce from the salad bar or make a defensive moat of thousand-island dressing but we will conquer. Our advance will be swift (subject to prevailing traffic conditions).

Roseycakes said...

Totally agree on the Rupali comment above, but how could you forget the other wonders of Old Malden? The Co-op? The pharmacy? The betting shop? Two hairdressers? Not to mention the Central Heating shop with just a motorbike and desk in the window?

Worcester Park can't we just be friendly neighbours?

Anonymous said...

yes just as i thought.these cretins are jealous of old malden.1 of the very many reasons are that we are a royal borough and wpk is just a plain and simple london borough

Worcester Park said...

Rosycakes - you may have 2 hairdressers, but here in Worcester Park we have lost count o the number we have. You may also have an empty shop with a desk and a motorbike, but we have 'Drury & Cole', our local shop/museum which is a monument to the early 1970s. Nonetheless you have convinced me with the wonders you describe, Old Malden is definitely worth invading. I look forward to welcoming you as one of my subjects.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what has happened to Mr and Mrs Loo the owners of the Gallant Chinese restaurant on Stoneleigh Broadway. They seem to have disappeared over night, can anyone help please as this was a great place to eat.

Jeff said...

If Worcester Park invades Old Malden it will be a civil war, not the other sort, because Old Malden is and always has been part of Worcester Park. I've lived in Old Malden for 40 years and every letter I've ever received has "Worcester Park" as part of the address.

I should think twice about invading Old Malden if I was you, we have powerful allies, namely the Worcester Parkers from Cuddington who, like us, do not come under Sutton Borough Council. Just as we come under Kingston they come under Epsom and Ewell. In fact, Sutton Worcester Parkers could well be in the minority. Any more of this nonsense and we will close Worcester Park Station (which is in Old Malden) to everybody living east of the railway line!

BenyP said...

But I live East of the Trainline and I am in the Royal Borough of Kingston, can you provide me some sort of ID that will enable me to use the Station?

Worcester Park said...

BenjyP - In future all Old Malden residents are to use the entrance on their side of the railway bridge. Worcester Park residents shall use the superior entrance the other side of the bridge, next to Hair By Thicko. From Monday this will be stringently policed by WP border guards.

Jeff said...

Sorry BenjyP, I forgot about the Old Maldeners living east of the railway line down Green Lane.
That's how that spot of bother with the Sudetenland started in 1938 too!

ThisIsNotAPseudonym said...

This discussion made me notice the spiel at the bottom of the page for the first time, where I was shocked to the core to read 'Worcester Park is a town in the London Borough of Sutton'.
I grew up in Worcester Park understanding that one of its many & endearing quirks was its split personality, divided as it is between the plain borough of Sutton, the Royal borough of Kingston & the Surrey borough of Epsom & Ewell, with the three joining together as one in the spirit of peace, goodwill to mankind and the pursuit of a greater market for hair-based retail opportunities.
We need to stop this blatant land-grab by the Suttonites with immediate & deadly force. Or possibly just ask the esteemed WP blogger nicely to amend the footnote to something more accurate.

Jacey said...

Grrrh - I've had countless discussions about where WP is and I decided years ago that I KNOW where I live and its in Surrey. Okay I know its in 3 areas but Ewell also has a London phone code and it is also in Surrey. When I write my address I write WP, Surrey, England.
People at work were always throwing comments at me about living in South London - there is no such part of London with that postcode anyway - a "London" phone number and WP being in the suburbs but I firmly believe places nearer London are the actual suburbs! Imagine telling someone in Dorking that they live in the suburbs.
Sometimes I do surveys on-line and they ask where I live - choices being limited to UK . UK is not a country. Imagine living in Pari sand they give you the choice of Europe (not France) .......... oh, don't get me started whether we're in Europe.
Okay, so I'm old-ish but Bromley is in Kent, Heathrow and Wembley are in Middlesex and WP is in Surrey. Call me daft, or anything you like but I live in Surrey. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this as this old dear ain't for turning.

Kathie said...

There was a Monty Python sketch in which interruptions occurred from "council officials" from the "London Borough of Malden" dressed as vikings, seeking to promote the "borough". From memory, the sketch was set in a courtrooom.

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