Monday, 16 November 2009

Farce Fowards

Months since it was installed, the smart-looking Worcester Park Ward notice board still lies empty and unused. Indeed the whole sorry saga is now turning into the kind of farce that could only have been born of local Council bureaucracy.

It seems that the might of Sutton Council has yet to devise a system to get notices on public display. No doubt a steering committee is working on it as I type, but until then the board lies empty and attempts to get notices put on it have proven fruitless.

The Worcester Park Residents' Association, for example, tried in vain to get their recent meeting advertised on the community board.

Having failed to get through to Sutton Council's 'Communications Officer' (irony, anyone?) they resorted to the old-fashioned method of taking their notice in to the Council offices to see if that would work, but even then the notice never made it onto the board.

One might assume that the local library may be able to help - after all they are guardians of all sorts of local information and the notice board is just behind their premises. Yet even they have no idea how to get notices onto it in eventually had to resort to contacting a local Councillor for help in cracking the conundrum.

So it seems that nobody in Worcester Park has any way of getting their notices on public display.
Behind the scenes, Council officials are still to decide who will administer the notice board, who will have keys, who will vet the notices and how they will end up on there. Oh the complexities of local democracy.

Meanwhile, the notice board (funded by public realm money) remains unused. Not, of course, that many people would notice, as it has been plonked ludicrously and inconspicuously against the side wall of Pizza Express - hardly the high-profile prime location that you might assume a public notice board would be sited in.

Perhaps we should look for a more high-tech solution. Some kind of Internet based way of reporting things that are going on in Worcester Park, for example. I wonder if that would catch on....?