Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bad Tidings

With a flurry of festive fundraising events being held over the next few weeks, charities and community organisations are being warned to be on the look-out for fake bank notes which are being circulated in the Worcester Park area.

'Minigee' told the Worcester Park Blog:

"The 5th Worcester Park Guides found four fake £20 notes amongst their takings the other weekend, and were advised by the bank and the local police that fraudsters are targeting small, local, charitable events, such as Christmas Fairs as it is easier to pass fake notes at such events."

So organisers and stallholders, please check any £20 notes that come your way. Advice on how to check authenticity of £20 notes is available on the Bank Of England's website.

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Rick said...

Apparently these are pretty amateur fakes, on thin paper, which has an unfamiliar feel and they lack all the usual watermarks and holograms. They also all have the same serial number.

A unknown man with a broad Irish accent was in the High Street yesterday, targetting the charity shops and attempting to purchase low value items with forged £20 notes. Fortunately, in both cases I know of, the staff were on the ball.

Police have been out and about, warning our local stores and have been issuing marker pens to shops without ultraviolet banknote readers.

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