Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Christmas Watch

Christmas is officially one month away. The adverts may have started infecting our televisions sometime back in September, but surely nobody would put up over the top Christmas lights and inflatable Santas before we've seen the back of November?

Judging by previous years, I would't be so sure.

Which is why I am now officially on the look-out for distastefully early Christmas decorations springing up in Worcester Park.

Keep'em'peeled and let me know if you spot any before I do.

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Paul said...

I'm afraid some went up a couple of days ago. On Browning Avenue, at the Longfellow Road end.

Andrew said...

On the way out depressingly early in the morning, lighting an otherwise miserably bleak journey, i spotted someones house on Browning ave shining a beacon of xmas over-enthusiasm as early as last week!!! And its not just a bauble or two hanging from the letterbox either, i assure you!

Within a decade, providing this blog is still around, i foresee this particular thread appearing around mid July!

NS said...

I think people with small children may decorate earlier because the kids are already so excited that a few decorations shuts them up for awhile.

BenjyP said...

The Browning Avenue house nearly made me crash my bike on the way home from work, I initally thought at distance it was a UFO, then it all made sense when I remembered that the Season Shop was already open.

Rick said...

When it comes to WP's shops, I think the Debra charity shop was probably first to have a Christmas display.

I rather admire the staff's efforts. It's certainly festive, but without the usual tacky electronics: flashing neon lights and Christmas carols sounding like they are being played on a 1970s stylophone!

[For those under 35, a stylophone was an early, handheld electronic keyboard, promoted by Rolf Harris, which sounded rather like a distressed cat... My grandparents never forgave Rolf].

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