Monday, 2 November 2009

Blogged Up

I'm not sure what the collective noun for bloggers is. A verbosity? A prattle? A waffle?

Anyway, at the start of 2009 there were plenty of blogs about Worcester Park. One by one they have fallen by the wayside - The Worcester Park Conspiracy Theory came and went, the Worcester Park Phantom had a scarily short-lived life surpassed only by the one-hit wonder that was 'Teenage Worcester Park'.

Even the other giant of KT4 blogging, The Brinkster is taking a break from his suburban musings.

It's all getting very lonely now. There is perhaps some hope with the tentative birth of The Cheam Blog - it exists, as yet, only on Twitter but may transfer into the fully-grown blogosphere.

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Drew Neil said...

I've collected a few suggestions for the collective noun for bloggers from Twitter. Personally, I think a boast of bloggers is quite apt.

Storm said...

How about a click of bloggers? I hope you're not considering hanging up on your own WP blog! My own link with the area is tenuous, (being resident 10 miles away but having my in laws in Central Road) but I enjoy keeping up with events 'through your eyes' as it were! Please keep up the good work!

Rick said...

According to wikipedia, around the world, there are well in excess of 100 million blogs. It seems anyone and everyone wants 15 minutes/posts of fame, but like any new toy, the novelty soon wears off and before long, the self-absorbed blogger has run out of creative ideas … and visitors.

Where I think the Worcester Park blog differs from all the other local blogs is its ‘raison d'ĂȘtre’ (‘reason for being’). It never strays from its primary purpose of informing local people of local news and events. In contrast, all the other aforementioned blogs read like the diary of a wannabe reality TV contestant, sometimes (but not necessarily) with a sprinkling of relevance.

Just as nobody is interested in the trivial and pointless deliberations of an old-fashioned pub politician, nobody is fascinated by the opinions of a new-fashioned ‘blog politician’, although it seems many bloggers are very slow to realise this.

So thank you for your informative local blog. As the only one written with the reader’s, rather than the writer’s interests in mind, I suggest it will be the only one to survive - long after the other ‘burble of blogs’ have all been consigned to back-up storage heaven!

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