Monday, 30 November 2009

Top Talking Points

Recent hot topics of conversation on the Worcester Park Blog....

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Fair Comment

If, like me, you didn't make it to the 4th Worcester Park Christmas fair you can revel in the joy of the occasion courtesy of this blog post by Ian James Ward.

You will notice that the blog post is entitled 'Worcester Park - Part 1', thereby promisting/threatening a Part 2. I wait with bated breath.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Power Trip

Hopefully you will have slept blissfully through the mini power cuts in Worcester Park area in the wee small hours and were not woken by the pitiful bleeping of phones and other gadgets every time the power went off.

We seem to have had a few small power outages in KT4 recently - of course nothing to rival the 'great blackout' of November 2007 which is still the stuff of Worcester Park legend.

Now I to spend the rest of my Saturday figuring out how to set the clock on the microwave.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bad Tidings

With a flurry of festive fundraising events being held over the next few weeks, charities and community organisations are being warned to be on the look-out for fake bank notes which are being circulated in the Worcester Park area.

'Minigee' told the Worcester Park Blog:

"The 5th Worcester Park Guides found four fake £20 notes amongst their takings the other weekend, and were advised by the bank and the local police that fraudsters are targeting small, local, charitable events, such as Christmas Fairs as it is easier to pass fake notes at such events."

So organisers and stallholders, please check any £20 notes that come your way. Advice on how to check authenticity of £20 notes is available on the Bank Of England's website.

Fair Competition

It's 'Christmas Fair' time, and if you're in Worcester Park this Saturday you will be well and truly spoiled for choice.

The 4th Worcester Park Scout Group is holding their annual Christmas Fair from 12.00 – 3.00pm on Saturday (28 November) at their HQ in Balmoral Road. Meet Father Christmas, buy a ticket for the Grand Draw to see if you can win an iPod Touch or a digital camera, buy something on the ‘Good As New’ stall, or try out the Chocolate Fountain and ‘Find the Wine’. Admission is 50p for adults, children free.

St Cecilia's School on London Road are also holding their Christmas fair on Saturday from 1-4pm, and the Royal British Legion are holding their event from 11am at their premises on Central Road.

Finally for this Saturday, Linden Bridge School on Grafton Road, Worcester Park are holding their Christmas Fair from Noon to 3pm.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Christmas Watch

Christmas is officially one month away. The adverts may have started infecting our televisions sometime back in September, but surely nobody would put up over the top Christmas lights and inflatable Santas before we've seen the back of November?

Judging by previous years, I would't be so sure.

Which is why I am now officially on the look-out for distastefully early Christmas decorations springing up in Worcester Park.

Keep'em'peeled and let me know if you spot any before I do.

Monday, 23 November 2009

A Painful Loss

Let's hope the tumbling letter didn't fall on the head of a passer by - otherwise it really would have been 'The Midas Ouch'.

They are, of course, merely following an established local trend.

In the meantime, let's all be neighbourly and pop round to ask if they want to borrow some T.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Least Haunted

Are there any ghostly goings on in Worcester Park, asks blog reader Jeff? He writes:

"Christmas isn't Christmas without a really good ghost story is it? And ghosts are one thing that Worcester Park simply doesn't seem to have. I've lived here for nearly 40 years and haven't heard so much as a whisper about ghoulish goings on.

No haunted houses. No headless highwaymen frequenting dark woodland copses. No eerie sounds of battle in the Avenue where Roundheads once clashed with Cavaliers. Can any south London suburb expect to be taken seriously if it hasn't a ghost or two? So please prove me wrong, are there any Worcester Parkers with a ghostly tale to tell. Is there anybody there?"

Now as far as I'm aware, there haven't been any reports of ghostly goings on in Worcester Park (you would have thought we'd be in with a chance, given our connections to Henry VIII.

Perhaps you know of some seriously spooky happenings in Worcester Park?

Friday, 20 November 2009

Taking Notice

It's good to know that the Worcester Park Blog reaches the parts that others cannot. My blog post on Monday about the empty notice board fiasco has spurred Sutton Council to get in touch with me with news of progress (at last) and an appeal for blog readers' help.

From next week, Worcester Park Library will be holding the keys to the notice board. Anybody with a community notice to post in the board can take it to the library where it will be checked and, if suitable, allowed on to the notice board.

Sutton Council has also extended the invitation to any Worcester Park Blog readers who want to help by acting as additional keyholders for the boards in Worcester Park or North Cheam, to act as a point of contact for getting notices onto the board and checking that notices are up to date and appropriate.

Anyone interested should contact Mark Dalzell, Locality Lead Officer at Sutton Council on 0208 770 5070.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Charity Begins At Home

The Worcester Park Traders Association's Christmas Late Night takes place on Friday 11th December in Central Road.

It's not just about supporting and promoting local traders, though. To give the even a real 'community spirit', organise Terry Dobbs is this year extending an invitation to any local charities, voluntary organisations, choirs etc. who want to get involved, by setting up a fundraising stand, singing, or doing anything to promot and raise money for their organisation.

The Christmas Late Night is the community event of the year, and a perfect place to showcase your charity/organisation and raise some funds to boot.

For more information contact Terry Dobbs at One Stop Party Shop (148 Central Road - 0208 337 6007)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Ryan Tonight!

OK, well maybe not tonight but it looks as if the protracted refurb/refit/reinvention of Ryan Gate may finally be nearing its conclusion.

The refit has been limping on since the beginning of October - although they are zooming ahead of 'More Than Lofts' who show little sign of being open in time for Christmas (2010).

Whilst I am on the subject of my Central Road favourites, Bombay Masala is now under new management. They have kept the same chef but have introduced horrific new heat-sealed plastic containers for their food.

If Satan had ever branched out into the production of take-away food packaging, he would no doubt have devised just such containers with their heat-sealed impossible-to-remove plastic film lids, which have to be cut away with a sharp knife and fished out of the curry (having invariably flopped into it).

The good news is that one the surgical procedure to remove the lids was completed, the food is every bit as perfect as it used to be.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Oh Yeah (On The Radio)

It normally broadcasts just to the patients of the Radio Marsden hospitals in Sutton and Chelsea, but for one month only Radio Marsden is on 87.7 FM across the local area as the station celebrates its 40th anniversary.

If you tune in, you can listen to Worcester Park's very own Jason Reynolds on the breakfast programme from 6am to 10am.

You can find Radio Marsden 87.7 FM throughout November, or online at

Monday, 16 November 2009

Season's Greetings

I was about to declare that the Christmas lights have gone up in Worcester Park, but that would be technically incorrect seeing that, as a cost saving measure, they stay up all year round.

So we shall instead celebrate that the Christmas lights have been switched on - there was no ceremony, no JLS and no crowd surges, but they are on nonetheless (and let us not forget that until recently Worcester Park completely lacked festive illuminations).

The main event of Christmas in Worcester Park is the Worcester Park Traders' Association Christmas Late Night, when Central Road comes alive for a great evening of fun, entertainment and shopping.

This year the event is taking place a few weeks later than normal on Friday 11th December 2009 from 6pm to 9pm.

The evening is always popular with all ages, and you can expect this year's event to be bigger and better than ever before with bands, refreshments, competitions, rides and, most importantly of all, late night shopping in your favourite Worcester Park establishments.

More details are to follow, but in the meantime be sure to put the date in your diaries or follow the event via Facebook.

Farce Fowards

Months since it was installed, the smart-looking Worcester Park Ward notice board still lies empty and unused. Indeed the whole sorry saga is now turning into the kind of farce that could only have been born of local Council bureaucracy.

It seems that the might of Sutton Council has yet to devise a system to get notices on public display. No doubt a steering committee is working on it as I type, but until then the board lies empty and attempts to get notices put on it have proven fruitless.

The Worcester Park Residents' Association, for example, tried in vain to get their recent meeting advertised on the community board.

Having failed to get through to Sutton Council's 'Communications Officer' (irony, anyone?) they resorted to the old-fashioned method of taking their notice in to the Council offices to see if that would work, but even then the notice never made it onto the board.

One might assume that the local library may be able to help - after all they are guardians of all sorts of local information and the notice board is just behind their premises. Yet even they have no idea how to get notices onto it in eventually had to resort to contacting a local Councillor for help in cracking the conundrum.

So it seems that nobody in Worcester Park has any way of getting their notices on public display.
Behind the scenes, Council officials are still to decide who will administer the notice board, who will have keys, who will vet the notices and how they will end up on there. Oh the complexities of local democracy.

Meanwhile, the notice board (funded by public realm money) remains unused. Not, of course, that many people would notice, as it has been plonked ludicrously and inconspicuously against the side wall of Pizza Express - hardly the high-profile prime location that you might assume a public notice board would be sited in.

Perhaps we should look for a more high-tech solution. Some kind of Internet based way of reporting things that are going on in Worcester Park, for example. I wonder if that would catch on....?

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Windy Worcester Park

I'm not sure whether the umbrella was there to protect from the rain or the precarious sign dangling overhead. At least the colours matched.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Auction Stations!

This Saturday (14th November), the 4th Worcester Park Scouts will be holding their bi-annual Grand Auction at their HQ in Braemar Road.

If you have any items you want to auction off, take them along to the Scout HQ at 10.30 am for listing in the auction which starts at 2.30pm. You can pick up your proceeds from the auction (or reclaim any unsold items) one the auction has ended (around 4.30pm).

Of course, if you just want to pop along to pick up a bargain then you're equally welcome! More details on the group's website.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

In A Piccolo

Caffe Piccolo has gone into liquidation and closed its restaurant in Worcester Park with immediate effect.

Given the cavernous size of the place and the pitiful numbers they managed to draw in of an evening, its closure was sadly inevitable.

Perhaps Cafe Piccolo might have survived were it not for the corporate might and heavy discounting of 'Pizza Express' across the road.

Then there was the arrival of Worcester Park's fourth Italian restaurant 'Bellini', which opened just a few days ago, threatening to dilute the market for Italian food even further.

Now we are left with yet another vacant unit - and a very hard one to fill, given it's size. Sad proof that the recession is far from over.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Swine Not

More than three weeks after the UK's swine flu vaccination programme was supposed to have commenced it appears the vaccine has yet to reach Worcester Park.

'Katie' e-mailed the Worcester Park Blog to say:

"I'm in a priority group so was due to have mine two weeks ago. When I got to the surgery they told me they hadn't got the vaccine in stock after all. They re-booked it for this week, but again I was turned away because the vaccine hadn't arrived.

I'm due to go back next week - hopefully it will be third time lucky, but it's a long wait."

Have any blog readers managed to get the vaccine yet?

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hall Together Now

The Worcester Park Residents' Association meets this Thursday (12th November) at 7.45 pm at Christ Church with St Philip church hall.

It's your chance to keep abreast of important issues affecting Worcester Park and make your voice heard in the local community.

A bit like the blog really - except there are no pictures and they don't plot to invade neighbouring towns. And you can't make anonymous comments. Nor would they be that interested in your views of local restaurants.

OK, so it's nothing like the blog but if you care about Worcester Park then make your presence felt this Thursday evening.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remembrance Sunday

Paul Burstow, MP for Sutton & Cheam, joined hundreds of locals this morning for the Remembrance Sunday service at St Philips Church.

The service was followed by a gathering at the Worcester Park war memorial for the traditional two minutes' silence, laying of wreaths, and the parade to the Royal British Legion premises on Central Road.

A full slideshow of photographs from today's service is available here.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Still On Location

Worcester Park got a second outing on Channel 4's 'Location Location Location' last night as the show caught up with the house-hunters who featured on the show in July last year.

Those of you who missed it last night can watch the programme on 4OD here. I shan't spoil the surprise by telling you if they moved to Worcester Park.

In other Worcester Park news, Mrs WP tells me that refurbishment works at Ryan Gate look like they have nearly been completed (although last time I peered through the shutters it looked like they'd barely started). Fingers crossed they will open again soon.

And Bellini, Worcester Park's latest Italian restaurant, opened its doors tonight. Once you have checked it out don't forget add your comments to the restaurant review page of the blog.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Worcester Park Fireworks Displays

Green Lane Primary School will be holding their annual Fireworks Display on Friday 6th November. Gates open at 5pm with the display starting around 6pm.

The event is open to the whole community, and there will be BBQ food available. Tickets are £6 for adults, £3 for children 3-16 (under 3s free) and £15 for a family of 4.

Also, the 4th Worcester Park Scouts are holding their annual display on Saturday 7th November at 7.30pm at their HQ in Braemar Road, Worcester Park.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Say Grace

First there was 'church in a pub'. Now there's 'church in a school' in the form of 'Grace Church', which held its inaugural meeting last Sunday at Green Lane Primary School.

You can find out all about them on their very swanky website.

Of course some people are still going with the old 'church in a church' concept, if that's more your thing.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Old Old Malden

I quite like Old Malden, really. I'm not exactly sure what the point of it is, but it does at least have the pretty Plough Green, the picturesque St John's Church , two decent curry houses and an annual community fair complete with morris dancing.

In fact, I think we should adopt it and make it part of Worcester Park. If they don't agree to that, we can just take it by force (preferably on a day when the morris people aren't defending it with their sticks).

Anyway, those of you into your local history may be interested to know that Kingston Borough's Chief Archivist Sue Lamb is giving a talk about 'The History Of Old Malden'.

The talk takes place on Thursday 26th Novmber at 3pm at Old Malden Library.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Blogged Up

I'm not sure what the collective noun for bloggers is. A verbosity? A prattle? A waffle?

Anyway, at the start of 2009 there were plenty of blogs about Worcester Park. One by one they have fallen by the wayside - The Worcester Park Conspiracy Theory came and went, the Worcester Park Phantom had a scarily short-lived life surpassed only by the one-hit wonder that was 'Teenage Worcester Park'.

Even the other giant of KT4 blogging, The Brinkster is taking a break from his suburban musings.

It's all getting very lonely now. There is perhaps some hope with the tentative birth of The Cheam Blog - it exists, as yet, only on Twitter but may transfer into the fully-grown blogosphere.