Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Going Swimmingly

There are quite a few skills I learned in school that I have never actually used in my adult life.

Not once have I had the need (or opportunity) to ask a Frenchman for directions to the Gare Du Nord, and even if I did I doubt the conversation would survive long enough for me to explain that I live very close to London, have two sisters and a dog and hobbies which include listening to music and reading books.

Likewise, not once in my adult life have I been called on to jump into a swimming pool, whilst wearing pyjamas, and fetch housebricks from the deep end.

However in the process I did at least learn to swim - a vital and potentially lifesaving skill.

'Get Swimming' is offering swimming classes in Worcester Park, from Beginners to Intermediate and Advanced/Stroke Improver lessons.

The 30 minute classes are held between 3-5pm on Saturdays, with the term running from 7th November to 12th December.

All of the teachers are ASA Level 2 qualified with 15 years+ experience and there will be a maximum of 6 children per group.

The classes are being held at the indoor purpose-built heated 15 metre pool at Linden Bridge School in Grafton Road, Worcester Park. The cost for course is just £45.

For further details e-mail or call Sarah on 020 8330 7910.

Oh, and if any blog readers are still struggling to get bricks out of the bottom of their pools, just give me a shout and I'll be round with my pyjamas to show you how it's done.