Sunday, 11 October 2009

Notice Bored

You may by now have noticed the new addition to Worcester Park's 'street furniture' the form of the Worcester Park Notice Board, which has been plonked along the side wall of Pizza Express.

It has been there for a month and has yet to be populated with any notices. Perhaps this is because there is officially nothing going on in Worcester Park?

Blog reader Rick sent the above photo of the blank board, along with his thoughts on the new arrival:

"It’s a finely carved piece, with brass hinges and glazed doors and a personalised title above, all of which must have cost (us) at least a small fortune.

It’s clearly built to last, but all the same, being made of glass and flammable wood, I wonder if it’s survival will last much beyond closing time at our local bars.

I would have thought that Worcester Park library, in the centre of both the high street and the community, could have had some of its internal wall space utilised as the ideal location for “Worcester Park Notice Board”, at little cost beyond the notices and some blue tac.

I wondered if blog readers might be able to guess what important, informative noticesmight appear? Perhaps something about conserving paper and wood?

Alternatively, perhaps advice about paperless communication, by utilising the free Internet 30 yards away in Worcester Park library?"

Only time will tell what notices actually go up on this board. I'm sure you'll have your own suggestions.