Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Midweek Musings

Blog reader David has alerted me to a possible resurrection of Goslett's furniture store:

"Walking past the recently-closed Gosletts furniture shop in Central Road today I noticed a Gosletts van, parked outside, being unloaded into the shop.

In the right-hand window was some furniture with price labels stating Opening Offer. Has there been a management buyout or reprieve for our one and only home furnishings store I wonder? "

If it is about to come to life again that will certainly be good news for Central Road's shopping scene, as the chances of finding anyone else willing to take on such a huge retail space in this climate would be few and far between.

Meanwhile, I see that CAZBAR are now offering their venue free of charge for parties - worth considering if you are planning a Christmas shindig or any forthcoming celebration. Full details available here.

Finally, blog reader Jeremy has alerted me to the 'Brian Watson Photography' where you can view some fantastic panoramic pictures of some of this country's most beautiful and magestic locations including Hadrian's Wall, the Angel Of The North, the Lake Distric and, erm.... Worcester Park station??

Check it out - I think you'll find it unsurpassed in it's natural glory.