Wednesday, 14 October 2009

In Praise Of Suburbia

I see that Worcester Park has notched up a reference in The Daily Telegraph today in an eulogy/defence of suburbia:

"The air is sunnier for couples with young children living in Longfellow Road today, with a garden to play in, a grammar school within reach and a church in walking distance. All this, 27 minutes from Waterloo or 33 minutes to bosky Boxhill. In its online satellite picture Worcester Park is like one big garden cut by asphalt drives."

I'll leave you to reader and ponder the article in full here. Suffice to say I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment - for me there is nothing better than returning from a day in the big smoke or a city break abroad to the comforting, reassuring orderliness and politeness of suburban Worcester Park.

I woudn't change it for the world. Would you?

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Rick said...

I heartily agree, though it seems, given a fraction of a chance, some would make drastic changes:

A recurring gripe in my road is the much-maligned, mature trees. The reasons are apparently many: “Their shadows mean I sometimes have to move, when sunbathing” (shocking!), “They attract all kinds of biting creepy crawlies into the garden” (so it’s nothing to do with your BBQs, then?), “They drink all the water out of the soil” (yes, preventing the clay soil becoming a quagmire for half of the year), “They affect our TV reception” (everyone’s it seems, except mine) and “They attract birds that excrete on my four by four’s paintwork” (our car is rarely affected, presumably because our garage is utilised, rather than being there only to reduce insurance premiums). Finally, at this time of year, the trees are especially hated, because of their shedding of leaves and acorns, onto beautifully manicured crazy paving and worse still, the discolouring of the roofs of those gorgeous, decaying caravans, seemingly permanently moored in driveways.

Personally, I love our mature trees and all the wildlife they support – and I wouldn’t change a thing. Plus, their leaves make excellent, free, organic compost. When we came to Worcester Park, we fell in love with the tree-lined roads, even before we looked at a house! Sadly, in the intervening years, the number of trees has reduced, whilst the number of caravans, crazy pavings and off-road cars has surged. But whenever one of my neighbours picks a oak leaf from their windscreen or kicks an acorn from their driveway and starts oak tree bashing, I make a point of asking: “If you bitterly hate oak trees, why exactly did you buy a house in Oaks Avenue?”

Jacey said...

I have to admit I came here with my parents just before I left home, from Leatherhead in late 70s. We lived in Handside Close which didn't excite me at all but it was okay for the three of us and safe.
I then went off to Surbiton and Wimbledon then back here. I lived in Longfellow Road for 13 years , until I moved 3 years ago ,and it had good and bad points like all roads. No trees, pavement too narrow for that, quite a mad road, not especially noisey apart from the speed bumps but drivers did seem to speed along there I guess because cars were parked on the kerbs (which I hated). The playground had to be closed at night as noisey oiks sat and played football at all hours and there was quite often broken glass in it. Nice and quiet afer they locked it at night.
Very handy for the train station and commute to London, and handy for shops. A great selection of shops (as I defnd W'Park as having nearly all you want with great food places - I'm one who doesn't want Starbucks and McD's here).
Yes it is a shame about the front gardens, now paved over with his and her cars and his work van, all too common really, even down some of the "posher" roads. But everywhere is guilty of that. I have to admit to liking Oaks Avenue and Tudor. At the moment they have some lovely autumn colour in the gardens. Also, I like W'Park (and I know I'll get moaned at for this) because it doesn't have a big school here so there aren't loads of kids hanging around as they do at Sutton, New Malden or Wimbledon which are nightmares around bus stops and stations.
As for suburbia - I hate that phrase. I regard myself as living in Surrey not suburbia and have countless arguments about this. Suburbs to me are the likes of Clapham, Brixton - places actually in London but not the centre but I concede not everyone agrees. I wouldn't change WP for anything. Its a good place.

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