Friday, 2 October 2009

Happy Christmas!

Apologies for the lack of blog posts this week, but as Christmas is but a matter of months away I have understandably been very busy with yuletide preparations.

The Seasonal Shop has now opened its Christmas store - always a festive highlight in Worcester Park (even if you do find the sight of polar bears, penguins and dancing Santas a bit too much to stomach at the end of September/beginning of October).

Also the chap who sells those Christmas opening-hours posters that appear in the windows of Worcester Park shops has been doing the rounds of Central Road.

How long, I wonder, before some hideously premature Christmas decorations appear on Worcester Park houses?

Keep'em peeled and let me know. Ho ho ho!

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Anonymous said...

Talking of Christmas decorations, I am reminded of the joke of a token effort that appears on the lamp posts in the high street, which (if you notice them), look like something made on Blue Peter. I recall some of the shops really used to go to town at Christmastime and cover the buildings with lights, but sadly, no more.

I assume this isn't just about money, but results from Sutton Council's view that anything Christmas related is Christian and is therefore something to be erased from our collective consciousness?

Mr. WP, I suggest you change the title of this post to Happy Diwali or Eid ul Fitr or Shichigosan or Hanukkah, before one of the Lib Dem Councillors concludes that you have a non-multicultural agenda!

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