Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bin Made Redundant

Some householders in Worcester Park will have received leaflets from Sutton Council proclaiming the exciting news that glass can now be placed with the rest of the recycling in the green bins.

This means that the lovely blue bins which we were given last year are now effectively redundant.

Blog reader Nicola has posed the question:

"I wonder what Sutton Council will be doing with the now redundant (fairly new!) blue bins. Will they recycle them......? Another waste of our council tax money....."

The start of a new feature, perhaps. 101 Uses For A Sutton Council Blue Bin.

I'm sure you can think of a few....

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kathie said...

They made great snow-moulds during the snow falls earlier this year. Some kids managed to make quite impressive constructions with the resulting "bricks".

Jacey said...

Have to say that I don't use a lot of glass so I tend to walk it up to Sainsbury's. I think it's crazy to put bottles in the green bin - surely it will smash as soon as it hits the back of the rubbish lorry? Did think it was crazy for them to suggest you put the blue bin inside the green binanyway. I may be on my own but I always managed to fill the green one each fortnight.
I've always used mine to catch water for the small front garden I have, save carting watering cans through. Didn't laugh recently when the dustmen turned it over (maybe to register they'd been here?!) bit unneccessary but there you go.
Yes, as Nicola said - will they arrange for them to be collected? I'd like to keep mine. It will always be useful in the garden somewhere.

Andrew said...

I think you may find that the notices stuck to the green bins show glass in a blue-coloured box - meaning that, as originally intended, the glass goes inside the blue bin, which then fits INSIDE the green bin. I said to my wife "That new notice will cause confusion !"
But I'm not a council employee, so your guess is as good as mine. Bless this wasteful council !

Jacey said...

Andrew - ahhh! I'm confused now. Surely it is more work for the men to open the green bin and take the blue bin out, rather than just pick it up off the floor. You may have a point there, I'm certainly not disagreeing with you. It seems to need explaining. As I said before my green bin is always full after 2 weeks so I wouldn't get the blue bin in anyway.
Trouble is I'm forever seeing my neighbours put things into plastic bags then knot them and put into the green bin, along with empty compost bags, milk carton lids etc etc Thought they were wrong.
Any many blue bins along my frequent walks have corks and lids - again I thought that was wrong.
And - the list could be endless but then I don't want everyone moaning at me - juice cartons , surley they are wax so don't go in?

Seems the council hasn't made it totally clear but also I seem to have neighbours that don't really care perhaps.

I have to say it is one of the things I feel strongly about and I do my best but you sometimes wonder why if others don't care too much. I don't wish to get on my soapbox but one of my neighbours frequently comes home with a dozen carrier bags and I think its a shame. The attitude seems to be that they've spent £100 so are entitled. As a car driver surely it's possible to keep bags in the car? I don't drive and still manage to recycle shoes, textiles (my interpretation of that is clean old clothes not good enough for the charity shop),anything I can but am by no means perfect.

Yes, as you say Andrew the Council doesn't help.

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