Monday, 21 September 2009

A Steep Improvement

Earlier this month I reported on the the Worcester Park Station Volunteer Group who are giving their time and energy to clear up and plant out the area around Worcester Park Station.

They were hard at work again yesterday with 9 enthusiastic volunteers turning up to continue the clear-up work. The group has now expanded with 15 volunteers signed up to work on the site and has received numerous offers of free plants and shrubs from people in the Worcester Park community.

The group even managed to raise £50 from approving passers by at the station on Sunday - money which is being put towards the various materials the group will need to complete the job!

The group is currently in the process of setting up as a charity and will be a featured charity in the Waitrose collection for October, so please show your support by putting your green tokens in their bin!

Now that all the heavy clearing work is done, the group are deciding how to plan the planting of the site. The site is on a slope, so if there is a landscape gardener who would be interested in advising the group they'd be delighted to hear from you.

If you can help the group or would like to volunteer, please contact

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coffee man said...

Good to see the support for this project has grown.
Well done to all.
Shame the Rail company can't look after their own property .I do hope they appreciate the community effort and are providing funding for the project.

Rick said...

Yes, coffee man, it’s good that people are getting actively involved in this community effort - rather than just watching, sitting back and commenting on the efforts of those who are applying themselves and criticising other observers for not actively backing them.

I take it you’ve signed up? Well, in case you missed it, here’s Nick’s email address, again:

The Parkerilla said...

I see it's one of the new contestants at the Waitrose local charity green token plastic box thingy, a genuine very local good cause.

coffe man said...

Rick great to hear you agree with my comments .
may be pressure should be on the rail operator !!!

Rick said...

I deduce from coffee man's response, that his answer is 'NO'. Since he feels unable to make a physical contribution to this community effort, perhaps he'd like to make a financial contribution?

Here, again then, is Nick’s email address:

Coffee man, it's a good, charitable, local cause that you tell us that you feel strongly about.

And as I recall, from previous posts, you consider that you are very generous in supporting local charities.

So now's your big chance - dig deep!

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