Sunday, 20 September 2009

Close The Gate

It was a heart-stopping moment.

I wandered in to Ryan Gate this afternoon - the shawarma grill had stopped revolving and the chiller cabinets were empty of meat. The bread had gone, as had the Lebanese sweets and vegetables.

The butchers counter had been stripped bare, the freezers lay empty and tears welled in my eyes as I wandered deeper into the shop past bare shelves stripped of their usual delights.

Yes, dear reader, Ryan Gate is closing tomorrow.

But not forever, as the Worcester Park legend is set to return after a few weeks of refurbishment and reinvention.

Who knows what it will be like when it does return? We are talking about a store that has reinvented itself more times than I care to remember.

Let's just hope that it does re-open as I would be lost without my shawarma.