Monday, 7 September 2009

Putting The Pub Into Publicity

OK, so it's actually a bar, not a pub. And the publicity is being put into the pub bar and not the other way round.

But it was the best pun I could think of to announce CAZBAR's benevolent offer to fellow Worcester Park businesses in these tough economic times.
CAZBAR proprietor Carey Preece told the Worcester Park Blog: 
"I would like to offer FREE advertising to businesses in Worcester Park (or those that live in Worcester Park and run a business).

There's no catch, I just want to help Worcester Park grow into a better community high street and I believe that can only be done if we help each other."

The free adverts will be placed on a 10 inch digital screen behind the bar and a 32 inch screen in the window facing onto Central Road. The window screen will be on during morning 'rush hours' as well as during CAZBAR opening hours.
Any business interested in taking up the offer should send a reasonably-size JPG file to

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Andrew said...

Really good idea, fair play to the proprietor, very decent of him! Perhaps i'll take a stroll down and finally break my Cazbar virginity this week!

Downwind of the Cock said...

Although I am a pretty rare visitor I do think that it has an unfair reputation, it's always been trouble free when I am in there, the atmosphere is good and generally it's a good place to drink. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to get a drink when there's a match on but that's a minor quibble really.

axlrocky said...

jolly good show - well done to you Carey, and long may this community spirit continue until we finally get Worcester Park buzzing again - to the cazbar for beer and merriment!

Anonymous said...

I know Carey & the lady who manages the bar and this doesn't surprise me. They're great people and run a clean, safe pub. Its a shame there are not more places like this where locals can gather and socialise.

Anonymous said...

we have often considered going here but got the impression it was full of youngsters. we are only in our 40s but dont want to be surrounded by teenagers etc. is this not the case? would welcome comments thanks

Anonymous said...

I admire the proprietor's gesture, but Anon, you're right about the clientele. Not so much youngsters as 'Costa del Chav' (if you get my meaning), with both young chavs and older chavs, acting young.

I'm in my 30s, so maybe I'm old fashioned, but I like to buy a pint to drink it, rather than to wear it. I suggest you'll find the Midas Touch a little more sophisticated - or lacking in atmosphere, depending on your viewpoint.

Worcester Park said...

Anon - I'm afraid I don't recognise that description of CAZBAR. In all my time living in WP (and writing the blog) I've certainly never heard of any trouble there, as you appear to suggest.

How boring would it be if all pubs/bars in WP were the same and competed for the same clientele? I personally think it's great that you have variety, from the traditional pubs like the North End Tavern to venues like CAZBAR and Midas Touch.

Whatever ones personal preference, I think we're lucky to have such a spectrum of choice.

Tori said...

I disagree, Caz Bar is full of a variety of ages and I often describe it to my friends as being like the bar from Cheers as everyone is so friendly.
I am a little offended that that marks me as a chav, especially when I go in there with my husband, my mother, my brother and sister in law, our friends and often lots of friends of the family, obviously we are all chavs, not the hardworking, community supporting, fun loving and friendly people we really are- not an item of Burberry to be found in any of our wardrobes!
There are a variety of events at the Caz Bar, Karaoke, the Quiz, Darts and Pools teams and even a football team (come on Caz Bar FC) something for everyone and if you don’t like it, please stay away as it can be our little gem of a drinking hole, if you do like the sound of it, see you there on Thursday for karaoke!

axlrocky said...

hear hear Tori, also we should congratulate Carey for running a successful pub for over ten years now when not many people gave him a chance past the first six months. With a pub closing nearly everyday in the UK this is a real acheivment and shows the dedication and hard work put in by him and his team. The cazbar enjoys a rich diversity of customers but is nearly always trouble free and has a very reasonably priced happy hour before seven. Check out the quiz on thursdays if your a virgin to the bar, its friendly, unpretentious and very interactive and a good way to mix with the locals, hope to see you all there. shows you all the events and you can support your local footie team at

Anonymous said...

From the more recent comments, I suspect I have misunderstood who it is receiving the free publicity. Given the aforementioned ‘spectrum of choice’, perhaps the whole spectrum, rather than one niche area of it and more than one local business can get an opportunity to be marketed under this blog post?

Below are additional weblinks to some alternative venues, which might be of interest to anyone preferring somewhere less ‘very interactive’?

Worcester Park said...

Anon - of course the whole spectrum can get themselves marketed on this blog, but this post is about one local business that has had the initiative to do something different and innovative which can be of benefit to all businesses in Worcester Park. What's wrong with getting a bit of publicity out of offering free publicity to others?

On a broader point, I'm always more than happy to give a plug to WP businesses but I'm not going to trawl through Yellow Pages phoning businesses to ask who wants a mention.

If any business wants to use the blog as a platform to promote themselves, they're welcome to get in touch!

Those businesses that think creatively and engage with the blog will always get a mention. Those that sit back and wait it for it to happen will not.

B R Drinker said...

Well said, WP. Well done to the owner of Cazbar for having the 'get up and go' to do something like this. There's so many business owners sitting wringing their hands about how tough things are so all power to those who are inventive and do good things like this which promote their own business and help others at the same time.

Anonymous said...

well,after my request earlier about what this the pub was like, we finally gave it a go. And i wish we hadn't.
The evening began pleasant enough, staff nice, and no chavvy atmosphere. however as the evening wore on and drinks flowed, it all changed. then as we were leaving a row started which resulted in about 10 people fighting. one young lad was about to get a chair over his head when my brother pulled him out of the pub to save him. we started walking down the road and looked back to see it now had spilled out onto the road about half a dozen or so punching seven bells out of this lad. we called the police. needless to say we wont be back again

Anonymous said...

WP. We too have witnessed unpleasant events inside and outside the Cazbar and neither of us will be back either. You were rather dismissive of my post of 8th September, but further to Anon's comment of yesterday, maybe you would you like to revise your opinion/reply of September 9th:

"Anon - I'm afraid I don't recognise that description of CAZBAR. In all my time living in WP (and writing the blog) I've certainly never heard of any trouble there, as you appear to suggest."

Tori/B R Drinker/axlrocky/Downwind of the Cock: So what happened when the police arrived? Are they pressing charges?

CAZBAR said...

I generally think that businesses are best to steer away from commenting on their establishments but in this case I wish to but the record straight.

Yes there was an incident on Friday night, pubs/bars sometimes incur problems as we deal with alcohol and people react differently to the effect of it. The problem occurred at the very end of what was a very pleasant evening, in which I believe the majority of customers enjoyed.

The incident was then moved outside in a professional manor by the bar manager and her staff. The matter was over within minutes, so much so that when the police did arrive only I was present at the venue.

The two people in question will not be welcome back at CAZBAR as we do not condone this kind of behaviour.

Yours in WP,
Carey Preece

Anonymous said...

Carey: Just the 2? Because of the 'incident' - we were pushed out from our table grabbing our stuff and getting out as fast as we could. Their were fists flying everywhere and i can tell you it wasnt just two people.Inside it was about 10 as others decided to all bundle in. One picked up a chair - never seen anything like it - and my brother opened the door and pulled the lad that was about to get it coming down on his head outside and stopped him from going back in. We walked away and when we looked back a minute later there were another 6 blokes all laying into him.This was not a one on one fight, just 2 people as seems to be implied. If that was the case then surely they would have just been pulled apart. But this became a free for all. I have to wonder from what you said; were some of those fighting actually your staff then, but from us being right there - there was nothing professionally handled about this.

Anonymous said...

First the Huntsman’s Hall closed down, after a succession of violent incidents. Then, more recently, the Lounge Bar at North Cheam lost its licence. This was due to a succession of violent crimes, which according to Sutton police, the leaseholder failed to assist or actively co-operate with the investigations of.

The Lounge Bar is scheduled to reopen after a 3-month suspension. However, this is subject to amongst other things, the supervisor being replaced, the pool table being removed, no sporting events being televised, neither live music nor DJs performing, the employment of security staff to stop and search visitors, a cap on visitor numbers and a reduction in bar opening hours. You needn’t take my word for it. You can read the Sutton Police announcement here:

I would have thought a local pub closure; followed by a local bar licence suspension and then this document would have been a trio of wake up calls for all similar, local pubs and bars. They represent a clear indication that local police have little patience for managers playing down violent incidents at their venue. And that the authorities have a no nonsense attitude to the dismissing of such events as brief, trivial, involving just the odd, unknown, unidentifiable person or two and resulting from an unforeseeable reaction to alcohol.

Nevertheless, there is a clear contrast here between the version of events of the witness and that of the owner, who presumably gave the only recorded version to the police. Well, just like the owner of the Lounge Bar, it’s his business, his licence and his choice as to how he engages with such incidents and any resulting police investigations. But as it seems only 2 persons were ‘officially’ recorded as involved in Friday’s ‘conflict’, we can only deduce that the other alleged 8 or so, ‘unofficially’ involved, are welcome to return?

Lastly, to the anonymous witness: Clearly you and your friends and family saw (at close range and perhaps better than anybody else) an incident very different to that reported to the police. For this reason, I ask you to contact the police and give your versions of the events to them. In my experience, the local police have a very detailed knowledge of the vast majority of local offenders, (particularly the violent ones), and the details you provide may enable our police to target those who they may already suspect were involved.

It might sound a real drag, but in reality, virtually no crime is solved without the help of the public and such evidence is sometimes credited with preventing future, more serious offences. It is particularly important in this case, as according to either account of events, most, if not all of those involved escaped, scot free and will hardly be discouraged by their ‘success’. [Obviously, it goes without saying that all the details you provide will be in the strictest confidence]. Let’s all do our bit to try to tackle and discourage local crime.

Anonymous said...

Anon, as a resident of Worcester park for over 25 years, and indeed as a former licensee of The Worster Park Tavern I find your comments very short sighted.

Licensees and their staff have a very difficult and at most times unrewarding job in balancing the needs of customers with the misbehaviour of others.

In a time when independently run pubs and bars our having to close up on a daily basis, the ones that stay open and provide a reletivly trouble free enviroment should be appluaded and not condemned for a minor misdemnor.

I'm sure that the 2 people who have now been excluded from the Cazbar are the 2 that have been identified as the instigatirs of whatever trouble followed, and in a day and age where we hear about knifings and violence on a reguler basis any Bar owner willing to stand up and eject these people from his premises on a permanent basis should also be lauded.

I'm sure that the local police will tell you themselves they are much more appreciatve if these matters can be sorted out without thier involvment unabling them to actually get on with real police work rather than having to act as glorified doormen.

Well done to The Cazbar and all it's Staff for running a bar that as i understand it has never had to involve the police in a serious situation in the 10 years it has been open.

To put the Cazbar in the same catergory as The Lounge Bar, or The Huntsman hall, who both serious problems with both drug dealing and violent behaviour, is a doing both the bar and it's patrons a huge diservice!

Katie4 said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for your very balanced and interesting comment above. I agree - before we rush to judge we should consider the tough job that landlords and bar managers have. I certainly wouldn't do their job with the hours involved, let alone the risks that come with being surrounded by the potent mix of people and alcohol.

I've lived in Worcester Park for about 7 years now, and this is the first time I've ever heard of problems with Cazbar - I agree it's not remotely in the league of The Huntsman or other disreputable establishments.

Anonymous said...

It’s always interesting to have an input from someone with inside knowledge, within the trade and with hands-on experience of the difficulties of running such a local business. However, it seems strange that someone with such a background would be keen to highlight only the shortcomings of the Cazbar’s competitors, yet paradoxically, be eager to downplay the anti-social ills afflicting this one particular business, (and recommend that any resulting police interest should be directed elsewhere).

Then, a follow-up post appears, both thanking the writer for their sympathetic stance and seeking to endorse such views as ‘very balanced’. What insight does thankful Katie4 offer? Well, Katie4’s post literally says exactly the appreciative ‘thank you’ that I would expect the Cazbar to say. But Katie4 actually claims to have no such actual hands-on experience, so how can they judge that any opinion is very balanced or otherwise? Moreover, neither Katie4 nor Anon claim to have been present at the incident, yet for undeclared reasons, both seem rather anxious for readers to disregard the event itself and discredit the witness’s version of it, who without doubt, was there. Ironically, this all seems, ‘very unbalanced’.

Perhaps, if someone at last Friday’s incident had been able to photograph and upload the alleged ‘10 on 1’ assault, this would have provided the witness with some much needed support. But on reflection, even if such a photo were available, showing the assault exactly as the witness has stated, I suspect that some would simply claim that it depicts just a single, criminal individual, ‘facebutting’ the knuckles of 10 tee-total, good Samaritans - all of them merely observing - completely uninvolved and innocent.

In the real world, just the briefest glance of, or overheard conversation from the Cazbar reveals that it certainly isn’t a magnet or melting pot for culture and sophistication. Its profit is derived from the sale and consumption of alcohol and there is the same potential for all the associated problems, just like any other, similar business. The more alcohol sold, the greater the profit. But with the more alcohol served, the more likely the chance of problems occurring. Well, let’s hope this Friday doesn’t end up like the last one, (for those on both sides of the bar), since almost all of the “Cazbar 10” apparently remain welcome patrons.

Anonymous said...

aanon, I find it very interesting that you complain my view is bias because I mention other establishments in the area when I only mention the two you brought up in your previous comment.
tThe cazbar and it's staff continue to do a outstanding job. despite your best efforts to insinuate other wise.

it seems strange to me that you seen so intent on attacking a local business that has always supported the local community and done it's best tbest to provide a comfortable. social environment for all those that want to enjoy it.

you are more than entitled to your own opinion but please refrain from attacking others who are expressing there own. simply because you seen to have judged something solely on the opinion me one other person

Anonymous said...

Hi as the person who commented/witnessed this incident first hand i have been reading the comments with interest. We had been trying to find a pub/bar that would be a nice pleasent night out with some music and a nice atmosphere and to be honest where we would feel comfortable. I had read and heard some negative comments about Cazbar but as these were peppered with good comments decided to see for ourselves. I take on board that pubs and bars have a difficult time etc. But i have to say i did not exaggerate the events of that night and i was fair in saying that to start with it was a nice pleasent evening. I know bars cannot always be blamed when they get some idiotic people but i am alarmed at how it was dealt with just as much as what happened.The fact that it was played down by the owner afterwards - did he actually see it? This may have been a one off, but i revert back to my earlier comment. If this was just 2 people and the staff had it in hand how come they just werent pulled apart? Because that wasn't what happened and it became a free for all and others joined in. There is some serious playing down being done here and the owner didnt even have the grace to offer in his comments an apology for the poor ending to our evening. Maybe they are or are not on a par with the Huntsman, i cant really comment on that. However what happened and the way it was handled means we wont go back. Any one know of any good bars?

axlrocky said...

anonomous - you clearly lack a grip on what "pulling two people apart" involves.

As an ex bar manager I can testify that in order to get 2 people who are going at it out of a bar without injuring customers and or the premises requires skill, bravery and a calm head.

I was present at the end of the incident and witnessed your 10 on 1. whilst there were several people outside the bar only 2 were involved in the actual fight and there was never a situation where 10 people were fighting one.

This tends to be what happens in all pub fight situations - you get some people who want to watch, some people who think they should get involved, some who feel they should try and break it up. The staff's job is to try to manage the entire surroundings and keep as many innocent bystanders safe as possible. risking injury to themselves in the process.

From my vantage point they spilled the situation outside, and once outside got staff and customers back inside and then locked the door until the police arrived - pretty efficient in my book.

Its worth giving the Cazbar another chance - this incident was an exceptioon to the rule not the general norm.

Anonymous said...

cazbar cazbar cazbar
best pub in the world
can i have free beer now like axlrocky katie4 and wpk blog

Anonymous said...

Axlrocky - I have no axe to grind here and no reason to exaggerate what i saw. I note you say - You were present at the end of the incident.
Well once we called the police (having moved to a safe distance outside WH Smith)we then moved on. We didnt wait til police arrived. It could well be that at the end of the incident you didnt see what we saw. And it wasnt just me but the group i was with. It was about 10 people inside (which if you came at the end you wouldnt have seen) and 6 outside. It is interesting that those who seem to defend that incident were not there or only at the end.

Anonymous said...

Anon, it’s certainly not you who should feel the need to justify your comments and defend yourself. By calling the police, you did exactly the right thing. On behalf of your fellow Worcester Park residents, and as someone without any ties or declarable interests in any of Worcester Park’s bars, thank you.

Also, thank you for coming forward to inform us about a local event – the official reason for this blog. Clearly the Cazbar would have much preferred it if you had kept silent, both at the time and afterwards. I wonder what kinds of patrons are attracted, by a policy of keeping silent about troublesome patrons?

I also think the other Anon’s ‘free beer’ post hits the nail squarely on the head. I’m sure the vast majority of readers will have reached a similar conclusion. Take the comments loyally defending this bar with a pinch of salt. At least some of those writing here certainly do have undeclared interests in or ties to the Cazbar, which they would like to keep undeclared.

There is an eagerness to overlook this bar’s shortcomings as unavoidable, inherent problems of running a business of that type (and bizarrely, to blame a witness for seeing them!). And yet, issues affecting other bars (i.e. the competition) are overtly highlighted and nobody seems too willing to defend or stress how difficult running any of them is. Funny, that….

Finally, you asked about alternatives. I found a postcard sized flyer from the Drill Inn on doormat yesterday, advising that it is under new ownership and it has a few promotional offers on the rear. Hopefully you will get one too, so it might be worth a try. And before the ‘Cazbar Cartel’ accuses me of aiding and abetting a competitor, no, I’m not receiving any benefit from mentioning it!

CAZBAR said...

I have to say I’m bemused by some of the comments related to this incident and to CAZBAR in general. At no time has this incident been brushed under the carpet and as I previously mentioned has been handled in house. I have to say I’m not quite sure where some of your comments are leading to? What exactly would you like us to do? This was a one off, regrettable incident that lasted no longer than 60seconds inside CAZBAR. Whether you agree or disagree with the way it was handled there were no bystanders hurt and remaining customers were asked to stay in the bar whilst the trouble disbanded. There may well have been ten people around the incident but at no time were ten people fighting.

The bar and pubs in general cannot take responsibility for everyone’s behaviour. CAZBAR has dealt with this issue and by excluding people that cause incidents we have shown that we do not and will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

The fact that we are now into our 12th year surely shows we are doing something right and one incident should not take away from what is a nice local bar.

Carey Preece

axlrocky said...

Anon - I think we batting for the same team here - neither of us wants these incidents happening in WP and I merely wanted to express that the bar staff have an almost impossible task in those situations and the cazbar - from experience - is on the whole a pretty pleasant place to drink locally with very little trouble except some woeful singing - usually by me on a Thursday night.

To the owner - ive said it before on this blog, local businessmen like yourself need to be applauded for staying open in these difficult times and for running a good pub which many of us have enjoyed and will continue to do so in the future.

Esther said...

I've popped into the Caz bar and regularly enjoyed an evening there over the last ten years and never seen any trouble. Just because the orginal blogger went in and had an unlucky night its completely unreasonable for them to smear the name of the bar all over the place on a good natured local site. Its a total over reaction and I think Mr Preece deserves an apology. The Caz Bar is a pleasant, enjoyable and safe environment. I often enjoy the accoustic nights on a Sunday which are cozy and friendly. I also pop down for quiet drinks with friends and have never witnessed this 'wild west' carry on that this guy is alleging. Due to my involvement in promoting 'fairtrade' locally I have also been contacted by Mr Preece in recent years as he has
pursued the idea of stocking and promoting fairtrade brands of beer. As far as I know the Caz Bar is the only bar that have made an effort in this area.

I think it would be good just to get over yourself and support a well loved local business, accepting that skirmishes happen everywhere and it was dealt with quickly and appropriately.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me Esther but you need to pull your head in. Firstly i am not a guy! Secondly isnt this site supposed to comment on both good and bad things. I have always said that we took note of both the positive and negative comments made at the beginning and decided to give it a go. Now it may have been "unlucky" that our first visit reinforced some of those earlier negative comments. But i have every right to then feedback the experience especially as it was here that prompted me to persuade my friends and I to go. I dont doubt that the owner does good things for the community, and i see that he has a number of different theme nights. Very good for the community. I have also said that up until that point (and we were there for a few hours ) it was a pleasant evening. (and in case you wondering - i was on soft drinks so have not drunkenly exaggerated anything! ) Again you are just another person - commenting on the incident, implying i am making it up, when you werent there. I dont presume to doubt others who have had good experiences, so why should my bad experience be doubted. Surely this is what it should be about- giving others a balanced view - as was mine before we went!

Andrew H said...

Have a feeling you might need to get Mr Preece in to settle another brawl thats brewing on this very blog! Mind your back tho! These desk chairs are probably a bit heavier than those found at the bar...lift with the knees!

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