Friday, 11 September 2009

Cone You Believe It?

Blog reader Kathie is puzzled at why Moreton Road was closed this morning without warning or explanation:

"Yesterday, random road cones appeared in the gutter of Moreton Road with no explanation. This morning, workmen closed the entire road and started digging across the middle section – again no written notices given.

It seems that a hole has appeared in the road and no-one is looking into it.

Such is the excitement of living in suburbia! – it reminds me of the great fly-tipping incident of 2006 in Windsor Road."

Perhaps the notice was going through Sutton Council's rigorous spell-checking process. Heaven forbid they put another one up with a spelling mistake...

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WARcester Park said...

"It seems that a hole has appeared in the road and no-one is looking into it."

Well maybe instead of just moaning about it you should go outside and look into it. You'll probably find a couple of workmen in the bottom of it digging away.

Worcester Park said...

If the hole were that deep, Anonymous, where on earth were they digging to? Anyway, it's been covered over now. Let's hope the workmen escaped first.

Janette said...

They are replacing the gas main and associated pipework. You should have received a letter from the company carrying out the work. They should have done it a few years ago but they didnt have the money to employ anyone!!! - well, that's what they told my neighbour

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