Monday, 14 September 2009

Beauty Spotted

Every now and then I dream of an escape to the country. Then I realise the cost is prohibitive and so just console myself by watching Escape To The Country for an hour until the urge subsides.

Who needs countryside, though, when Worcester Park has so much to offer?

Blog reader Jeremy e-mailed me this snap of one local soaking up the sun and enjoying the serenity of a much under-rated Worcester Park beauty spot; namely the patch of grass opposite the station.

Jeremy writes:

"It made me think - how many more tranquil beauty spots are there in Worcester Park? Perhaps your readers could assist."

Over to you.

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coffee man said...

obviously a traffic census taking place . don't get too excited !!!!!!

lee said...

the hamptons pond

The Colonel said...

Staring through my large KFC window, at around midnight, onto a litter strewn Central Road.

Anonymous said...

Colonel, Strangely enough, I've noticed much of the litter strewn upon Central Road has KFC written on it!

Kathie said...

Cuddington Recreation Ground (south of Central Road) is a lovely small park. At weekends you'll see people playing bowls, tennis, football, cricket and poo sticks (in Beverly brook)and generally chilling out.

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