Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Action Stations!

Those of you who make your daily commute via Worcester Park station will hopefully have noticed the area around the station looking tidier today than it did at the end of last week (in particular the land by the steps between the London-bound platform and Central Road) .

It's all thanks to a small but dedicated team called the Worcester Park Station Volunteer Group (pictured above) who gave up their free time on Sunday to begin the clear-up of the area around the station.

Coordinator Nick Baum told The Worcester Park Blog about the group's inaugural meeting:

"After decades of neglect the team removed a huge amount of rubble and other bizarre items from the ground in preparation for ultimately planting the site with shrubs and attractive plants.

Fuelled by delicious home-made brownies supplied by Jenna and Penguins from Jane Louise the team worked hard to take the first steps to improving the environment around the station."

There's a lot more work to be done around the station and that's where YOU come in. To continue its good works, the group needs:

  • Volunteers who can give up a few hours to assist with the tidying up and planting out
  • Local businesses who may wish to make a financial donation (you will be mentioned in any further local publicity the group gets)
  • Donations of plants suitable for planting in the site - thanks to John James Gardening have offered £100 worth of plants (they'll be taking you up on the kind offer soon!)
  • Drivers who wouldn’t mind taking waste items to the dump whilst the team clear certain areas

If you can help the volunteers to continue their great work contact

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young buck said...

I am very pleased to see people taking action. I have lived in WP for iver thirty years and this is the first time I have seen members of the local community actively doing something to improve the area. i hope many people will support this and I promise I will find some way to contribute in the coming months. Thanks to the group for getting things started.

Anonymous said...

This group should also tackle the appalling litter situation on Central Road which seems to be overun with cans of Stella, KFC and Greggs. Have just seen five yobbos (no older than fifteen years old) with hoods outside the Police Office deposit three cans of Stella and all of their KFC rubbish all over the pavement fifteen minutes. Thought about challenging them - but I would probably get stabbed and it would take an age for the 'real' police officers to arrive and then I would probably get banged up at the Sutton nick for assaulting these pea-brained cretins!

Rick said...

Anonymous, rather than dictate and criticise those who actually do get off their backsides and actively contribute something positive and constructive, why don't you get off your high horse and off your over utilised backside and tackle these issues that you apparently feel so strongly about?

Anonymous said...

Here Here, Rick

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you can still get your copy of the Daily Mail in Sutton nick Anon. But make sure you recycle it, littering is bad.

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