Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Writes & Wrongs

I see that the Sutton Guardian has run a news story about the badly spelled sign that appeared in Lindsay Road last week

I spotted the signs (one at each end of the road) complete with obvious spelling mistakes and for a moment I was tempted to take a picture and post it on the blog. But having thought about it for a couple of seconds I decided against it.

After all this was just a hastily scribbled note by a road contractor who was doing the right thing by informing residents that, at short notice, the resurfacing works had been postponed and that they could park as normal until the following week.

Of course there were cheap points to have been scored here - the spelling on the sign was undoubtedly poor, but using the platform of my blog to have a condescending swipe at a well-meaning contractor would have been a lot worse.

Personally I think the council worker should be applauded for his initiative in communicating with the residents in this way. Oh how we all moan when the Council fail to keep us informed, when things don't happen as planned and we are given no explanation.

Should we really be so up in arms that a contractor employed to resurface roads does not have a perfect grasp of spelling? We all have different skills - perhaps we should see how proficient the journalist who wrote this sneering piece is at relaying a road surface and have a good laugh at his expense when he falls short of our high standards.

Since the Sutton Guardian has clearly positioned itself as the bastion of impeccable spelling and grammar, perhaps we should all go through their paper with a red pen and mock all of their errors in public.

I don't think Sutton Council have any need to apologise for this sign. I think there is someone else who should be doing the apologising.