Saturday, 8 August 2009

We Interrupt This Announcement...

It may not be so much of an issue on the short journeys from Worcester Park, but I'm sure many seasoned commuters will sympathise with MP David Willetts who has complained to rail watchdogs about the bombardment of announcements that he and his fellow passengers have to endure when travelling with South West Trains.

Anyone familiar with the constant announcements imploring passengers to keep the aisles free, ensure they have a valid ticket, ask the guard if they require assistance, take all personal belongings with them and refrain from giving cash to beggars will sympathise.

All of which reminds me of a journey I made by South West Trains to Portsmouth a couple of years back - a journey which would have been perfectly relaxing were it not for the constant nagging announcements informing us (without a hint of irony) that we were travelling in a 'Quiet Carriage'.

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Minigee said...

It's a modern plague, and not just on the railways. For example in the Tesco at New Malden: if you go upstairs the announcement is 'Caution, you are approaching the end of the conveyor. Please prepare to step off the end of the conveyor.' To which my loud response is 'I know I'm coming to the end of the conveyor, I'm not an idiot!' (Cue embarrassed children.) The lift in the new B&Q tells you to mind the doors, that you are going up, that you are arriving on the top floor, that the doors are about to open and finally, 'Welcome to B&Q New Malden', by which time I am nearly ready to scream and go home without buying anything. When did we all become so daft that everything has to be announced to us?? (Don't even get me started on the loud music and TV adverts that some shops like to play at us...I go around switching them off so that I can hear myself think...cue more very embarrassed children.)

Paul said...

It's the politically correct / health and safety / may contain nuts / cover-my-arse world that we live in. The way to avoid having the travellator warn you of your impending doom as you approach the end is to walk briskly along the one going the other way instead. That confuses it.

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