Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sir Bobby Robson

R.I.P. Sir Bobby Robson - resident for a number of years in Mayfair Avenue, Worcester Park during his time with Fulham Football Club.

He even turned his hand to other sports, playing for Worcester Park Cricket Club's first team in the 1960s at their grounds by the station.

Now that would have been worth seeing!

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David said...

Great to know that details about sir Bobby's life. Greetings from an Spanish former resident of Worcester Park (Swallow Ct). Now I follow you on twitter.


Peter said...

I was born in Worcester Park in 1959 and later went to primary school at The Study in New Malden. During that time, Bobby Robson occasionally taught us football. Has been one of my minor "claims to fame" ever since! R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

i attended st,cecelias,school cheam 1960s and sir bobby took me to school to and frow., humble man phil m ex browning ave lad god bless you bobby

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