Friday, 28 August 2009

Shedding Light?

Blog reader Karen has e-mailed to let me know about strange lights in the sky over Worcester Park (and she's even written the pun for me);

"Can you shed any LIGHT on the strange shaft of moving light I have seen moving back and forth through the sky at night.

It seems to be a sort of search light coming from the ground and moves across the sky, it is coming from the direction of The Hamptons but could be further away, I first noticed it last night and it is there again tonight. It is constantly sweeping the sky from dusk till about 11pm."

I haven't spotted this myself but from the description it sounds like it could be one of those sweeping searchlights that they use to promote nightclubs or events - indeed this was believed to be the cause of similar sightings reported on the blog back in July 2008.

Either that or it's toxic gases from the old sewage works lighting up The Hamptons....

Have you spotted this strange phenomenon and can you shed any, erm, light?