Monday, 3 August 2009

RE: Surfacing

A Lindsay Road resident has e-mailed me perplexed about why his road is going to be resurfaced this week, no doubt at considerable expense to council tax payers:

"The surface is in EXCELLENT condition! Residents cannot believe it is to be resurfaced in its present excellent state.

It's incredible in the light of today's cash restraints, recession, high council tax, and care for the environment.

It makes all the electricity saved in the area with energy saving bulbs look ridiculous."

No doubt Sutton Council has a rolling plan of road resurfacing (well, I would like to think so anyway) and I suppose it's better to be proactive than wait until we're all forced to take up potholing but you would also hope that in these tough economic times there would be strict criteria and priorities for these kind of works.

Are there any roads in Worcester Park that are in more pressing need of resurfacing? Do let me know.

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Anonymous said...

as a fellow lindsay road resident, i agree the road does not need re surfacing maybe the paths do but not the roads, what it does need though is double red lines on the junction onto the top of the high street to stop any accidents happening, im amazed that none have as yet as really is bad when you turn into it as you cant always see if anything is coming up lindsay road

Anonymous said...

As a local resident who drives through Lyndsay Road daily, as long as the resurfacing work is undertaken to the quality of that recently completed in Clarkes Avenue and Ruskin Drive - with sensible speed humps reinstated and not great towering mountains that you can't get over without damaging the underside of your car - and no utility company comes along the week after and digs it all up again (I assume this HAS been co-ordinated with the utility companies in advance..?)

I also agree about the double yellow / red lines - but this should operate at both the high street end and at the roundabout on Browning Ave as this is a problematic area as well.

Anonymous said...

Tudor Avenue is awful potholes everywhere!

Bear said...

As a pedestrian I would rather the council went round the roads on a rainy day and pinpointed, then filled in, all the places where there are dips in the road that fill with water. I know most cars don't intentionally drive through these places and spray passers-by but it does happen.

BenjyP said...

I think Tudor Avenue is a private road and its up to the residents to club together to pay for it, or somehing to that effect. A long time ago when my parents lived in WP some of their friends lived there and it was rubbish then, probably about 20 years ago.

Worcester Park said...

Hi BenjyP - I think you're right on that one. It's either a private road or an unadopted road. Strange place.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather the money was spent cleaning all the guano off the payment under the train bridge, and all the gum off the central road pavement.

Paul said...

It exasperates me that Kingston Council (sorry, I'm on the other side of that boundary) insist on charging me an absolute fortune for Council Tax, which I cannot afford to pay, and then spend it removing all of the perfectly good streetlights in the local area and replacing them with new metal ones. How much did that exercise cost, why on earth was it necessary, and what benefit do we enjoy? I don't know whether the new lights have energy saving bulbs or not, but even if they do surely they could have just put those in the old lamposts (adopt Grumpy Old Man pose).

Fortnum said...

Tudor Avenue is an unadopted puplic highway (well the bottom half).

The top half is surfaced because the council owns that half, they were half way through addopting the road when ww2 broke out and then after the war, they said that the bottom half hadn't paid. Conviently there had been a fire where they kept the documents and these were burnt and lost forever.

They sometimes send letter that if the road (that they say is private, i suggest they talk to a lawer, who would tell them that a private road has to be closed to the public 1 day a year) isn't improved, they will take legal action against the homeowners or force them to pay for the adoption of the road (a big sum of money as they will have to make sure each resident can get a mortgage to cover the cost...)

I seem to remeber that when the council changed from conservative to lib dem, one of lib dems promises was to sort out the road, all they did was offer the residents to pay for the adoption

Who would want to pay the council around £25,000-£30,000 to resurface about 10 square meters of raod infront of their house just to have much more traffic go past?

Alex said...

As a resident of Oaks Avenue, running parallel to Tudor, I've always thought the residents of Tudor have had the right idea by leaving their road exactly as it is. The minute it gets a nice new surface, it will become another high speed link from the London Road. And if you've ever seen Kingsmead/Hampton Road during the school run, you'll know how unpleasant that can be!

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