Monday, 3 August 2009

RE: Surfacing

A Lindsay Road resident has e-mailed me perplexed about why his road is going to be resurfaced this week, no doubt at considerable expense to council tax payers:

"The surface is in EXCELLENT condition! Residents cannot believe it is to be resurfaced in its present excellent state.

It's incredible in the light of today's cash restraints, recession, high council tax, and care for the environment.

It makes all the electricity saved in the area with energy saving bulbs look ridiculous."

No doubt Sutton Council has a rolling plan of road resurfacing (well, I would like to think so anyway) and I suppose it's better to be proactive than wait until we're all forced to take up potholing but you would also hope that in these tough economic times there would be strict criteria and priorities for these kind of works.

Are there any roads in Worcester Park that are in more pressing need of resurfacing? Do let me know.