Thursday, 20 August 2009

Parking Mad

Blog reader 'Longperson' took this early-morning snap of Longfellow Road on his way to work:
'I can't believe that the entire street has completely ignored the 'No Parking' signs!! I took this photo just after 7.30 when the parking suspension came into force.
It was quite laughable really - but it won't be as funny once the traffic warden appears to slap tickets hundreds of illegally parked cars!'
Best move those cars quickly then!

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The Parkerilla said...

On an unrelated note I see as I think someone else mentioned a few days ago, there is some serious activity at The Hamptons on the would-be final phase site. Yesterday there were 5 very large earth movers working with an urgency that suggests the developers think they have won their appeal and can prepare the ground now for the foundations. Thats what it looked like to me anyway, whats the inside word at WP blog HQ?

Anonymous said...

never quite understood why they bother doing this?, basicly its a sweeper lorry that just rushes up and down the road which doesnt exactly clean the gullys that well anyway, think this should be done by hand, which means they can pull the weeds out as they go along as well!

Ruskin Drive Resident said...

I saw this earlier. It made my trip to KFC somewhat troublesome. Argh, stupid council. Still, it didnt stop the odd car from parking on the suspended side of the road.

Alex said...

Anonymous, please tell us how the street gullies can be cleaned – manually (as you suggest) or otherwise - with your dirty great car and your likeminded neighbours’ cars occupying them?

I’m certainly no Sutton Council fan, but I think the Council deserves more credit here. All they’ve tried to do is clean your own street, at no extra charge to you, which surely any resident of sound mind would view as advantageous?

But predictably enough, some will be of the na├»ve view, that in preventing a cleaning of their own street, they have somehow scored a historic victory over the council! (Or maybe you’re just too idle to think it through and/or move your motor?).

I hope the council is obtaining photographic evidence of all the offending vehicles, so by way of fines, the street cleaning can be subsidised by the wallets of those attempting to prevent it.

The Parkerilla said...

I walked down Longfellow Road yesterday morning (Friday) and the gully cleaners were really struggling with the odd-numbered side of the road packed with cars particularly at the Central Rd end of the St but it was clearer, though there were still some parked cars, at the Browning Ave end. I suspect quite a few of those cars were those of shoppers not residents, still made life a nightmare for the guys trying to do the work though.

Anonymous said...

Alex, they could be cleaned as and when the current path cleaners (I see day to day), spot the odd space free, also do you really think the council do anything for free?! and for your information my not so dirty great car sits on my drive.
Have a nice day love Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - the cleaning can't be done by the normal path cleaners. Gully cleaning requires special street cleaning vehicles with large hoses to jet out the underground drains and gullies. It's not just as simple as sweeping rubbish in the gutters!

Andrew said...

All I'm gonna say, anonymous, is that Sutton don't do things for free, you're right. So when all your ignorant neighbours, and/or all the ignorant commuters who either; don't have the capability to read one of the countless bright yellow signs that were up for a week, or just choose to ignore them because they are selfish twats, it wastes MY council tax as the council have to rearrange it all as it wasn't done properly.

I say put double red lines down that road and let everyone fend for themselves!

Alex said...

Anonymous, I didn't say or imply that the street cleaning was free, but you and your neighbours moving your cars off the road to allow it to be cleaned would certainly have cost you nothing.

However, I will leave you to enjoy your 'dirty protest' and savour your victory over the Council. Have a nice day, love, Alex.

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