Monday, 17 August 2009

Paradise Found

I've been wondering for years what 'Ryan Gate' actually means. Admittedly, it was not top of my list of things I wanted answers to, but it did puzzle me nontheless.

So yesterday I took the fairly obvious step of asking one of the staff there what it meant.

Looking quite surprised at my question he explained, in broken English, that it meant ''.

I smiled appreciatively at this explanation of the word 'gate'. But what about Ryan? A look of confusion crossed his face and he shouted across at one of his colleagues to come over and explain.

Eventually it transpired that 'ryan' means a lush area of green pasture - an oasis in a desert. As I went to pay, he offered further clarification - the 'ryan gate' is the name of one of the gates leading to paradise. Who'd have thought you'd find one of those on Central Road?

Back home at Worcester Park Towers, a bit of internet research confirmed that according to Islamic belief there is a gate in Paradise called Ar-Ryaan.

Only those who observe the fast at Ramadhan will enter Paradise through this gate on the day of Resurrection".

All very educational - and I only popped in there for a lamb shawarma.

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The Brinkster said...

I think your memory is deserting you WP old chap! First it was the Bakers Oven refit and now you seem to have forgotten your post of December 2005 and the follow-up comments.

Worcester Park said...

I thought for a minute, Brinkster, that you were going to point to the post in December 2005 when you speculated that the shutters would probably come down very quickly on Ryan Gate. Oh how we mocked, back then.

The Brinkster said...

How true. It did (and sometimes still does) seem an unlikely proposition for our small corner of suburbia. I think the fact that it's been up for sale for a while and eventually changed hands would suggest it's not been an entirely smooth ride but all credit to them for toughing it out!

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