Tuesday, 25 August 2009

In Praise Of Nonsuch

I would like to nominate Nonsuch Park as Worcester Park's 'forgotten treasure'. I know it's technically not part of our town but as those who are up to speed on their local history will know, Worcester Park was originally part of the grounds of Henry VIII's Nonsuch Palace - so as far as I'm concerned we can stake a claim to it being our own.

It never fails to amaze me how many people will pile into their cars and take the kids and dogs all the way to Richmond Park when Nonsuch has everything you need right on our doorstep.

It may be smaller than Richmond Park, but for me Nonsuch has it all, from wide expanses of open parkland teeming with wildlife to an abundance of woodland to explore.

In the centre of the park sits the mansion house, which has recently undergone refurbishment and now boasts a tea room for much needed refreshments. Or you can explore the pretty grounds of the house - some laid out formally, other parts refreshingly under-kept in a delightful 'secret garden' fashion!

It's a shame that Nonsuch Park doesn't so often gets overlooked - so get out there and make the most of Worcester Park's forgotten treasure.

By blog reader 'Parklover'

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Andrew said...

Shhh don't tell everyone, it's so much more peacefull there than Richmond Park...

Alex said...

I wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments. Nonsuch is an unspoilt oasis and a truly beautiful park, at any time of year. However, unlike Richmond, it has space in the car park and does not have road traffic running through it!

It takes 15 minutes for me to walk from the park entrance opposite the Nonsuch hotel, through the park, to the WH Smiths in Cheam Village, which is the same time as it takes me to walk through the streets of parked cars, to the WH Smiths in Worcester Park – no prizes for guessing which one I prefer to walk to!

Most people in London would love Nonsuch on their doorstep, so I find it very strange and illogical, how and why few locals actually use and enjoy it.

BenjyP said...

I agree with all of the above but it has no deer, which are awesome. Plus I pay council tax towards its upkeep so I feel obliged to travel 3 times the distance to a park that is only fractionally better because of its deer and ponds. On the upside you can drink alcohol at any time of the day or night in Nonsuch. So now i don't know where I should go to drink Super Kestrel. Anyone else got any more pros and cons to help me decide where I should go!

Kathie said...

Nonsuch is great for cycling and is a great place for kids to learn as it is car-free. My son learned to cycle here so it has happy memories. The CTC (national cyclists' organisation) run free family rides starting from Nonsuch House every Saturday from 2pm and they are good fun.

WARcester Park said...

They should turn Nonsuch park into either a retail park or theme park, then maybe I'd go to it.

Anonymous said...

I have visited it many times over the years and have found it to be the biggest dogs toilet around.No thanks, i don't intend to bring toxicara into my home.

The Brinkster said...

I agree wholeheartedly that Nonsuch is the best park around here! Having the dog free areas really helps too.

I was fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of the renovations of the inside of the mansion yesterday and will posting some pictures on my blog next week.

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