Friday, 21 August 2009

Now YOU can write the blog...

That's it from me. I'm off on holiday. Now of course, I wouldn't just abandon the Worcester Park Blog and leave it crying its eyes out and starving in a darkened room somewhere.

No, I'm going to do what any responsible parent would and leave it in the hands of complete strangers.

So for the next week I'm letting the YOU write the Worcester Park whilst I'm far far away from KT4.

Whether it's a piece of Worcester Park news or just something you've always wanted to get off your chest, the blog is all yours.

I've managed to rope someone in to do the technical bits for me so get writing and, from Saturday.

Submit them via the 'Comments' link below or e-mail your blog article/pictures etc. to

Don't worry, your name or e-mail address won't be published, although if you want to be credited under a pseudonym or nickname just include that in your e-mail.

I'm sure you'll all do a marvellous job.

Now, where did I put my passport.....