Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Good Gully

The lucky residents of Longfellow Road are to have their gullies (the drains in the gutters to you and me) cleaned on Thursday. Those in Caldbeck Avenue will be having theirs done on Friday.

Parking is going to be suspended for a day in both roads for the gully cleaning to take place. One Longfellow Road resident has e-mailed predicting chaos on Thursday.

'The road is jam packed with parked cars at the best of times and it's always a battle to get a space - quite often I have to park halfway down the road and walk back to my own house. Few of us have off street parking AND it's all made worse by the commuters who use Longfellow as a free alternative to parking at Worcester Park station!

Can you imagine the chaos on Thursday when the whole street has to be empty of parked cars? The surrounding roads are going to be swamped with refugees from Longfellow - I think we should take bets on how from home we have to park our own cars. At least it should be good exercise."

Our posh friends in Westminster have adopted a refreshingly sensible approach to parking suspensions for gully cleaning in their borough - quite whether Sutton Council go down this common sense route remains to be seen.