Monday, 10 August 2009

Getting Shawarma

I have to admit that of late my trips to Surrey Nefis (kebab/burger capital of Worcester Park, for the uninitiated amongst you) have been fewer and further between as I have fallen in love with Ryan Gate's takeaways.

In particular the شاورما (shawarma) - a toasted wrap of grilled chicken or lamb with tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and a garlic or tahini sauce. Oh, and the samosas are to die for. As are the vine leaves.
I'm well and truly converted, although admittedly I haven't ventured to try any other items on the menu.

Are there any other Ryan Gate takeaway fans out there?

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WPGal said...

I do stock up on my hummus and haloumi , as they are cheaper than Waitrose! But have not tried the take away... will soon...

Anonymous said...

my wife and i regularly go there for shawarma. we have tried both chicken and lamb ones and they are wonderful

BenjyP said...

When I can't be bothered to go to Aroma in New Malden, this is the best available place in town, especially in comparison to the consistently over-rated Nefis. The only drawback is that they shut at 9, they shouldn't worry now that the Huntsman has shut, even then those 2 humungous guys that work in there would have probably intimidated any chavs into good behaviour

Jushy said...

Ryan Gate is fantastic, the chicken wings and the 'lebonese pizza' is the best! I havent been there since it changed hands so i dont know what the new people are like, but the previous guys were really nice, ill miss them!

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