Thursday, 13 August 2009


As speculated on this blog back in February, a branch of Greggs has arrived in Worcester Park.

Well, it's not quite a new shop opening - just a rebranding of the existing Bakers Oven shop.

I can only put it down to increasing age and the fact that the months (and Christmases) all seem to merge into one, but thanks to The Brinkster for pointing out the glaring error in the first version of this post.

I thought Bakers Oven was refitted at the end of last year, however he has quite rightly pointed out that the refit was done in December 2007, so the new signage actually served us for 18 months before it was ripped down and a 'Greggs' sign put up in its place.

Speaking of rebranding, you may have noticed the return to the old look and feel of the blog, after all my (as Mrs WP so eloquently put it) 'fannying around' with the site, it turned out that the snazzy new design had a few problems which need ironing out.

As does my memory.