Saturday, 4 July 2009

Walk, Cycle, Reward - Launch Day

Today is the launch of the Walk Cycle Reward promosion, supported by TFL.

Visit the TFL stall outside One Stop Party Shop today for free balloons and free foot massages (for those who didn't drive to Central Road).

Coming up on 18th July "Mr Bike" will be in Central Road, checking and repairing bikes free of charge (along with more free foot massages).

Thousands of households in Worcester Park will receive a Walk Cycly Reward leaflet and discount card through their door shortly - simply present the discount card at any of the participating shops (when you walk or cycle to Worcester Park) and receive 10% off your purchase.

Retailers taking part in the scheme are:

Prestige Dry Cleaners
Amor Beauty
Flower Parade
Party Express
Mr Ink
Central Locksmiths
Ross Fruiterers
Hendy’s Jewellery
Graham Lee Carpets
The Conservatory Florist
Cycle Power
Stitch Right
Sole 2 Sole
Chinese Medicine Plus
D&A Optician
John James Gardening Ltd
One Stop Party Shop
Acacia Hair & Beauty

Every time you use your discount card, the retailer will stamp your card. Simply collect three stamps and claim a free foldaway shopping bag.

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Anonymous said...

But how can they be sure that the customer has actually walked/cycled into Worcester Park and hasn't just driven in and asked for the discount anyway?

Anonymous said...

No sign of a discount card through my door. My house is just within Kingston for council tax purposes so although I use the Worcester Park shops regularly I can't partake in the scheme. I feel left out!

Worcester Park said...

Anonymous - if you didn't get your leaflet and discount card through your door, you can pick one up from any of the shops taking part in the scheme in Worcester Park.

Anonymous said...

I live just by the drill pub and i haven't had a discount card through the door

Worcester Park said...

One of the main problems with the discount cards is that they were delivered in a plain envelope for the attention of 'The Householder'. It was only when The Brinkster pointed this out to me that I realised that I probably had received one, but would have assumed it to be just another piece of junk mail and thrown it straight in the recycling bin without even opening it. I wonder how many other people in Worcester Park thre theirs out without evening opening the envelope?

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