Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Vauxhall This About?

Much bemusement this morning after Cheam Common Road was partly obstructed by a seemingly abandoned vehicle.

As two PCSOs stood helplessly by, rush hour traffic queued to get past the the Vauxhall Astra which had been left at an angle in the road facing the oncoming traffic.

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Downwind of the Cock said...

"As two PCSOs stood helplessly by"

Would've been a different story if you were caught by one of them taking a photo of something vital to national security like, ooh, I dunno, a train station.

SC said...

Eek. I wonder did they get it towed? And where was the owner? I don't suppose that it had "broken down" like so many do on Central Road co-incidentally by the KFC or post office, only to suddenly fix themselves when the driver comes back?

Anonymous said...

I know the owner of the vehicle, and it had been stolen. The thieves obviously didnt get far with it though.

kathie said...

If there are any traffic wardens reading this, please note that the disabled parking bay outside the Co-op opposite the Plough is probably the most abused one in the country. I have never seen a car parked in this bay displaying a disabled badge. Having good access to the cigarette kiosk and off-licence is not an acceptable excuse for able bodied people to misuse this bay, even if you do put hazard lights on.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a Red Route outside the Post Office.
There is always some lazy, inconsiderate driver decides to park there to go the PO or cashpoint.

A Red Route right up Central Road wouldn't be a bad idea either, with the few indented parking bays which are already there.

It would discourage lazy motorists who think it ok to clutter up this busy road. They can learn to use their legs.

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