Monday, 27 July 2009

The Comeback Kitten

One week after going missing Billy the kitten, you will be pleased to hear, strolled back into his home in Brinkley Road last night as if nothing had happened.

Expect a furious bidding war betwen myself and The Brinkster for exclusive rights to the inside story of Billy's disappearance and miraculous return.

I'll open the bidding at two cans of Whiskas and a catnip mouse?

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Kathie said...

How about a profile on Oscar the cat who lives in the pet shop and who hangs out in the other shops in Central Road?

Anonymous said...

Yes Kathie, I agree. Oscar is a Worcester Park legend! It is nice to see he has extended his territory to the NatWest branch. (He obviously had the hang of their automatic doors when I was queueing there last week!)

Alex said...

I love the way Oscar gives a foul look of contempt to dogs walking on 'his patch'. Is he the same cat that I used to see in a cardboard box, in the doorway, when there used to be Somerfield where Pizza Express now is? Or at least, I think it was a Somerfield. It was some years ago, but Oscar looks to be a fairly senior cat.

Anonymous said...

is he the one who strolls around in superdrug now and again..if he is he is very cute!!!

Rick said...

Yes anonymous, that's him all right! He also walks around Nat West with a carefree swagger, as though he's the manager - maybe he is?

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