Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Not For Profit?

You wouldn't have thought it judging by their proliferation on Central Road, but charity shops have taken quite a knock in recent years as people increasingly turn to eBay to make money out of their unwanted goods rather than dropping them off at their local charity shop.

The rise of eBay is widely seen as a significant factor in charity shops' turnover falling by a third over the last couple of years.

Blog reader Jenny, however, reckons the tables can be turned as there is money to be made from buying goods from charity shops to sell on eBay:

"Here in Worcester Park, I picked up a couple of books for £2-£3 each from the Heart Foundation and sold them on Amazon for £25-£30 each.

More recently, I picked up something stylish for £15 in the Geranium Shop and sold it in an auction for £100, a few days later.

Currently, there's a book for a couple of quid on the shelves in the Fara Charity Shop, which is worth £30+ on Amazon, but it wasn't until later that I realised it.

If somebody else recognises and manages to pick it up before I next take a walk along the high street, next Saturday, good luck to them!"

So who knows - perhaps I am missing a trick in ignoring the hidden treasures in Worcester Park's charity shops.

Now, I must go and check out those books at Fara....