Friday, 3 July 2009

Nonsuch By-Election Result: Liberal Democrat victory

Liberal Democrat candidate Gerry Jerome has been elected Councillor for Nonsuch Ward in yesterdays by-election, increasing the party's majority on Sutton Council.

Mr Gerome secured a majority of 336 votes to take the seat from the Conservative Party, whilst British National Party candidate Peter North received more than double the votes of the Labour Party candidate.

Nonsuch ByElection Result:

Gerry Jerome, Liberal Democrats: 1,665 votes (50% share)
Georg Braun, Conservative Party: 1,329 votes (40% share)
Peter North, British National Party: 211 votes (6% share)
Marcus Papadopoulos, Labour Party: 88 votes (3% share)

3298 ballots issued (41% turnout)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see that the BNP candidate was soundly defeated - hopefully they will disappear from our neighbourhood now - just goes to show how unpopular Labour is at the moment though!

Anonymous said...

well again no paticular prefence but.just because they as you put it were defeated,and i have seen a hellofalot more worse results for other partys and they dont dissapear from these shores,or sureley we would have a bigger influx of parlimentry partys than the present influx no i think whatever your views 260 odd or neary 10 per cent of a 41 percent turnout seems a pretty postive remark to me and maybe your negative fascist views has stoked the local population.

Anonymous said...

why dont all you BNP haters move into Lambeth or Harringey if you like "diversity" so much?

SC said...

It's quite sad that only 41% of people could be bothered to vote. I really do think that voting should be compulsory - spoil your ballot if you want but you MUST vote. That's my view.

It's also a bit worrying that the BNP got more votes that Labour. Not a surprise in this area as it's not *that* left wing a place, but a worry. Maybe as someone said to an earlier post people should think about why that is. And hopefully do something about it.

Well done to the successful candidate too!

young buck said...

in response to the anonymous commebt about moving to lambeth - becuase unlike members and supports of the BNP I do not spending every waking minute worrying myself into a frenzy about ethnic diversity. Odd as it may seem to you I have chosen to live in WP for a whole range of reasons on a list of which race does not even enter the charts. Can't you just let go of all this hatred and stress and just get on with living you own life and let other people be? Such a waste of time and energy. St Phillip's commentsa about all the local duaghters being impregnated by illegal immigrants sounds like something from the middle ages. These people need to focis on getting a life of their own and stop being concerned with the life style of others

Anonymous said...

As a Worcester Park resident for over 40 years I congratulate the BNP candidate on gaining 6% of the vote at the first try - this was the level they first obtained in most of the 70 council seats they have won in the UK. Twice the number that voted for the British Government candidate.

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