Friday, 10 July 2009

It's The Taking Part That Counts

Sutton's "Take Part Take Pride" festival draws to a close this Sunday. You could be forgiven, though, for missing this week-long celebration of our local communities given Worcester Park's dismal representation.

Of all the concerts, events, talks, sports, family activities, food fairs and other events detailed in Sutton Council's glossy 32-page guide, there is only one activity taking part in Worcester Park - a clear-up of St Philips graveyard this Sunday.

Hats off (and gloves on) to those who are prepared to give up a few hours of their spare time to help out this Sunday, but surely Worcester Park has a lot more to offer than just this?

Other areas are holding similar tidy-ups, but alongside other events showcasing local community groups, charities, musicians and so forth.

For whatever reason, Worcester Park is little more than a post-script in Sutton Council's week long celebration of all things 'local'. Here's hoping that we can must something a bit more inspiring for next year, otherwise that 'forgotten outpost of the Borough' argument might just have to be resurrected.

The Graveyard Bash clear up takes place in two sessions on Sunday 12th July (10.30am - 12.30pm & 1.30pm to 3.30pm) at St Philips churchyard, Worcester Park.

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Adrian Short said...

Apart from the core events organised by the council, all the rest of TPTP is DIY by locals. So if there's nothing on in your area it's because no-one has decided to do anything (or possibly, heard about it in advance).

Worcester Park said...

True, Adrian, but DIY events don't just spring up from nowhere - it would be interesting to know from local charties or community groups whether they have been invited/encouraged to put on events for Take Part Take Pride. I find it hard to believe that Worcester Park has just collectively chosen not to participate.

ian said...

Two events were organised last year by 2 local groups. TPTP Week was well advertised this year in Sutton Scene and the local press but very little take up. If you would like to plan for next year contact your own particular local organation or the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committ on Suton Council's website. The earlier and the more the merrier

Worcester Park said...

I think it's going to have to be a bit more proactive than Sutton Scene and the local press. But I guess the difficulty as always is finding people who have the time and energy to coordinate these things and encourage others to take part. Still, if other local areas can do it I'm sure Worcester Park can. Fingers crossed!

Ian said...

The New Year is the the time to start pooling ideas. Perhaps you could publish an invitation through the Blog. With so many bloggers with an interest in our local community there must be a lot of local people wishing to take part,take pride.

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