Thursday, 16 July 2009

MP Urges Flood Protection for Worcester Park

With apposite timing given the current bad weather, local MP Paul Burstow has presented a petition to Parliament calling on the Government to fund improved flood protection for Worcester Park.

He spoke to the House last night recalling the torrential rain of 20th July 2007 which caused Beverly Brook to burst its banks, flooding houses in Green Lane, Pembury Avenue and nearby areas.

Mr Burstow presented to the House a petition signed by local residents calling for the implementation of the £1.5 million flood protection scheme, as recommended by the Environment Agency.

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SC said...

That looks like an old pic given that the flower shop is open! Last night was VERY rainy though; it looks like it seems to have gone now.

Here's hoping the flood defence gets sorted :)

Worcester Park said...

Correct. The pic is of the July 2007 flooding.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm looking to move into the area near Green Lane, does anyone know if the flood protection scheme was ever implemented. I understand that Green Lane had some major flooding in 2007 and many houses were flooded.

Rick said...

Rest assured anon, since the photo was taken in 2007, all the mature poplar trees that lined the bottom of Central Road have been cut down.

The destruction of all of the two dozen or so trees of a particular type that are known to drink large amounts of water, in this known flood zone might not seem to represent a flood protection scheme.

Nor would such an action appear to sit well alongside a council with the deepest commitment to preserving the environment.

However, apparently it all made perfect sense to the local council, so all is well.

redken said...

Cynical Rick is so apparently so anti council that he can’t see the rotten wood for the lombardy trees.

In the meantime, residents of the affected Green Lane “flood zone” have recently received a letter to say a £1.5 mil grant has been secured for a flood alleviation scheme. From their limited explanation and my equally limited understanding, this involves diverting/ banking the flood water so that it floods the recreation areas near the station rather than the houses off Green Lane. So good news I think, thanks to lobbying by local lib dems and local MP Paul Burstow (who should now concentrate on stopping the Tories outsourcing the NHS to private health care companies!)

Not sure when the implementation date for flood scheme is, but am quite concerned it may come too late as this dry summer seems prime for flash floods. Maybe if concerned you could check details with Paul Burstow’s Office? Any update on this blog would be appreciated. But I wouldn’t worry too much about the flooding-2007 was exceptional and most houses around Green Lane were ok, including ours- fingers crossed! Welcome to the area if you decide to move here.

Anonymous said...

Rick,not quite sure what you are talking about.there were no and have never Poplars in Central Road.I think you are talking about the trees in Malden Road, in fact not all the trees were taken down and there was extensive replanting afterwards.if you mean the the trees in Green Lane/beverley Brook ,the Elm trees there were chopped down in in 1975 due to Dutch Elm disease.
Also which council are you talking about Sutton council re Green Lane or Kingston council Malden Road.Or the Environment Agency/Thames Water re Beverley Brook.
We dont really want to put off people who are looking to move into the area with incorrect information do we !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments. I asked my insurance company for a quote on the property I am looking to purchase and they refused and said that the property is a high risk. I received a flood report and this is not good reading. I have now asked my Solicitor to confirm exactly what and when will the Council and Environment Agency implement the flood defense. It's not looking good at the moment.

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