Friday, 24 July 2009

Fair Weather

It looks like we are in for a decent weekend, weather wise. So don't forget the The Hamptons Residents Association are holding a family fun day as part of 'Love Parks Week'.

The fun commences at 2pm on Saturday 25th July in Mayflower Park (at the centre of The Hamptons development) and is open to all.

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Anonymous said...

Boscombe Island:

But can you get there without having to squeeze through a metal fence and a hole in a bolted wooden gate?

I will play hell with Sutton (St James's Homes don't reply) over the increased front garden-isation of the Hamptons park. Boscombe Road is becoming one big island - will I have no option but to get a car?

1. I can no longer easily get to Garth Road (293 bus and park) because of the prison fence (even if you - as a private citizen - buy land including a public right of way, you have to maintain that right of way for public use).

2. I can no longer cycle through the Hamptons on to Browning Avenue because of a huge barrier (which also prevents wheelchair and pushchair access)

It gets worse:

3. I can no longer walk through the Hamptons in order to get to the stations (Motspur Park and Worcester Park), two parks and shops.

The access is closed until November - conveniently preventing the housing association tenants from using the park - for construction work.

But there is no need to close off pedestrian access for crying out loud. St James's Homes can just block off the construction site!!! And what exactly are they building? I wasn't aware they had permission for more homes.

At least some people have had the gusto to take out wooden fence panels from the gate so you can squeeze through if small. One of the metal gates can be moved - it has been - but again you have to be tiny to squeeze through. But no good for pushchairs, wheelchairs and anyone over 12 stone.

Will people please join me in contacting Sutton council over this important matter - the matter of what should be a public park. I suspect it won't be long before there are manned iron gates at the Green Lane entrance - with swipe cards for the Hamptons residents (of the private homes) - and manned iron gates at the Boscombe Road end for the housing association tenants only to reach their little island (with no access to the park).

I hope the event in the park went well - if anyone outside the exclusive area actually managed to get there.

There used to be a public footpath between Boscombe Road and Buckland Way about 20 years ago. No more.

And we're supposed to walk to the shops...

Hamptonite said...

Anonymous - I've no idea why you have such problems getting into The Hamptons. Personally, I find the many entrances perfectly accessible.

It is clear that you have a huge chip on your shoulder, or some major issues with something or someone in The Hamptons that cause you to spout such tripe.

I personally think The Hamptons is a nice development - not everyone's cup of tea and I wouldn't want to live there but I enjoy the parkland and the wetland area.

I never have problems accessing the public areas and haven't a clue why you are droning on about it being turned into an exclusive residence. So what if they have to block of an entrance temporarlity due to construction work - just use another one!

Unless, of course, The Hamptons have put up barriers to keep out the clinically stupid, in which case it seems to be working!

Anonymous said...

What a crap rant from the first commenter! Like Hamptonite I've never had problems getting into The Hamptons. Perhaps he/she really is too stupid to work out how to get in there! Sounds to me like the loony comments of someone who is either a bit unhinged or someone with a massive complex about The Hamptons because they can't afford to have a home there.

Anonymous said...

"I can no longer walk through the Hamptons"

It's probably the morons like you that they want to keep out.

Andrew said...

I think you're all missing the point of what the first guy is saying...The entrance to the Hamptons from Boscombe road was indeed sealed for the 'Remediation work' that is taking place, (i.e moving a few hundred more tons of contaminated soil to god knows where), and was due to be sealed until November. But i think through the effort of a group of commuters running late one day, the fence blocking the entrance from Boscombe has now been moved so that there is now a route through, for pushchairs or wheelchairs. And as has been mentioned, the wooden gate has been demolished and therefore has now just been left open.

But i dont really understand people getting so irate over the passage thru to worcester park being closed off for a while, when it is such a recent addition. What did you do before the development was built? Sit around at home wishing there was a quicker way to get to the high street? Or did you simply walk round the long way like everyone else???

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