Sunday, 12 July 2009

Couldn't Organise A Clear Up In A Cemetery

I felt a surge of community-mindedness this morning so I donned my best wellies and gardening gloves (very fetching I looked too) and headed over to help with the Graveyard Bash clear-up of St Philips Churchyard - the only Worcester Park event being held as part of Sutton's 'Take Part Take Pride' community festival.

Having wandered around for quarter of an hour waiting in vain for someone else to turn up and for the event to get underway, I eventually gave up and went home.

There was nothing on Sutton Council's website to say that this event had been cancelled, but it appears that this year Worcester Park hasn't managed a single contribution to this community festival.

Hopefully the town can put on a bit of a better show next year.

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coffee man said...

the question has to be asked "does Sutton Council support/aid the traders and residents of Worcester Park !!!!!!!!.It works both ways

Anonymous said...

Sadly, once again this event has been timed to coincide with the Sunday service at Christ Church with St Philip - thus excluding the entire congregation from the event......

Worcester Park said...

There was an afternoon session which also failed to materialse, so in theory the congregation could have turned up for that. It would be intersting to know if the organisers approached the local churches to get volunteers, as that I would have thought that would hopefully have been a natural place to start.

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