Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cheam Common Road - Accident

My thanks to blog reader CheamCommoner who has been in touch with more news on the accident outside The Drill pub on Cheam Common Road last night:

"A young lad ran out in front of a black cab at the pedestrian crossing. The police were already nearby and saw the event happen.

I was returning home and passed just a second or 2 after he had been hit and fetched a blanket.

It wasn't long before a paramedic arrived and although the lad had been KO'd he was moving.

I didn't hang around after the paramedic appeared. I'm hoping that he has no more than concussion and bruising but if anyone has an update i'd be interested to know."

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jaybeeuk said...

Yes, this all happened outside our house. The guy was collapsed in the drive of the house opposite – 3 guys called the police who came, woke him up and searched him. It looks like he then ran out into the road in front of the taxi.

We did not hear or see the accident (but saw the above search), 2 paramedic fast response vehicles arrived followed by an ambulance - they were seeing to him for a long time on the road side. Later a doctors car arrived and they continued to work on him on the roadside, later they moved him under a street light and started to perform an operation on him, ventilators, scalpels, drips - everything. Soon after he was taken off in the ambulance - it was about 1am before they took him away.

Then at 3am – the road traffic accident police were testing the taxi brakes – driving at 30mph and then doing emergency stops!

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