Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Question Time

Blog reader Axlrocky has 3 random Worcester Park questions, which I'm hoping you will be able to help to answer:

"Can anyone answer the following Worcester Park myths / legends / mysteries?

1) Where is all the white fluff floating around the high street coming from?

2) What is the reason for the eye watering chemical smell that protrudes randomly from the brook by Green Lane

3) With the news of Cheltenham & Gloucester closing and the banks and building societies on the ropes financially, is it not time for Drury & Cole to rise phoenix like from the ashes? Who owns that shop and why haven't they turned it into a hairdressers yet?"

Ah yes, the curious white fluff that rains down on Central Road. Obviously it's from a tree or bush somewhere - either that or a cotton wool factory keeps exploding in Motspur Park. Very strange though to see if 'snowing' in Worcester Park in the middle of June.

As for the eye-watering chemical smell, I have no idea on that one - all the toxic soil around The Hamptons is downstream of Green Lane, so we can't blame it on that.

On your final question, I have blogged some time back about why nobody has ever taken on that prime piece of Central Road real estate, but never really got a definitive answer.

One blog reader has suggested that the owner doesn't want anything done with the unit, but quite why they would have chosen to miss out on hundreds of thousands of pounds in rental monies over the years is still a mystery to me.

Your idea about a hairdresser is a good one, though. I think you've spotted a gap in the market. Perhaps we should keep the furniture in there and go for a retro-themed hair dressers. Surely 1970s hair-dos must be coming back into fashion about now?

If you can answer any of the above questions, feel free to comment below.

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David said...

The white fluff floating around is from willow and poplar trees - it's their minute seeds being transported with accompanying 'parachute' of hairs to ensure they are widely dispersed.

As for a retro hairdressers, I suggest their speciality should be a Doyle/Keegan perm.

Ben said...

There are lots of misconnections to the surface water sewer from shops and houses on the high street and surrounding roads that discharge into the brook. Kitchen fat is one big problem, probably chemicals as well.
The other problem is inconsiderate people who tip stuff down the surface water drains on the roads and don't realise that it's coming out into the brook!

Sally said...

Hi! Do you really think there is toxic soil beneath the pristine developmnet aka The Hamptons? (or were you kidding?) i'm a majour hypochondriac and you've actually got me worried about some future Erin Brokovich type fiasco in Worcester Park!

Andrew said...

The whole area beneath the Hamptons was once one big sewage treatment plant. They cleared thousands of tonnes of earth before they built, (they are currently in the process of removing even more over the next few weeks), but there is doubtless more untreated soil beneath the development. Only time will tell if there are going to be any problems resulting from contamination. The developers really couldn't care less about what happens to their projects 10 or 20 years down the line, so long as they get the houses sold. There was a development in S.E London built upon on old industrial park a few years back....one resident, worried about the lack of drainage in his back garden, dug a hole in his lawn, only to find an original tarmac road from the industrial estate half a meter down!

Who knows whats lurking beneath the surface of the Hamptons!

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