Thursday, 18 June 2009

A Moving Comment

New blog reader SheppyD is considering joining the hallowed ranks of Worcester Parkers:

" I am enjoying reading your blog very much!

My husband and I are looking for somewhere to move to that has good transport links and WP was on the top of our list but now I am not so sure after reading some of your posts.

Should we look elsewhere?

Trouble is I cant seem to find the 'elsewhere' that has everything we are looking for. Any advice would be welcome! "

Well, SheppyD, I would definitely recommend Worcester Park. Transport links are excellent (25 mins by train to Waterloo) and unless you get snarled up in the bad rush-hour traffic, you are within very easy reach of the A3 and M25.

Yes, Worcester Park has it's bad points, but every area does (it's just they don't all have a blog that discusses them!).

Lack of secondary schools nearby is an issue, but we are well served by primary schools (if you'll be needing any).

Retail-wise, the recession has left its mark but we still have the luxury of quality independent stores (hardware stores, gardening, pet shops, butchers, greengrocers, electrical stores) that you would struggle to find in many other high streets.

I'm sure my blog readers will chip in with their advice, but to further inform you on your house-hunting I would recommend you read this blog post about moving to the area and indulge in this blog posting which floweth over with discussion of the good things about Worcester Park.