Thursday, 18 June 2009

A Moving Comment

New blog reader SheppyD is considering joining the hallowed ranks of Worcester Parkers:

" I am enjoying reading your blog very much!

My husband and I are looking for somewhere to move to that has good transport links and WP was on the top of our list but now I am not so sure after reading some of your posts.

Should we look elsewhere?

Trouble is I cant seem to find the 'elsewhere' that has everything we are looking for. Any advice would be welcome! "

Well, SheppyD, I would definitely recommend Worcester Park. Transport links are excellent (25 mins by train to Waterloo) and unless you get snarled up in the bad rush-hour traffic, you are within very easy reach of the A3 and M25.

Yes, Worcester Park has it's bad points, but every area does (it's just they don't all have a blog that discusses them!).

Lack of secondary schools nearby is an issue, but we are well served by primary schools (if you'll be needing any).

Retail-wise, the recession has left its mark but we still have the luxury of quality independent stores (hardware stores, gardening, pet shops, butchers, greengrocers, electrical stores) that you would struggle to find in many other high streets.

I'm sure my blog readers will chip in with their advice, but to further inform you on your house-hunting I would recommend you read this blog post about moving to the area and indulge in this blog posting which floweth over with discussion of the good things about Worcester Park.

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SheppyD said...

Thats good to know! We couldnt find any other place where you could buy a property under £500k that isn't a shoe box and had a good selection of shops and regular trains to the right part of London!

I work from home so the trains are not so important for me but I was just having major concerns that my husband would get attacked by big gangs of teenagers every time he got off the train LOL!

We were originally thinking of Banstead - but the commute seemed a bit of a nightmare - all things considered. Now we just need to find a place to buy (oh and sell ours too!)

Thanks for putting my mind at rest! Any other advice from anyone out there would be very welcome! :)

Oh a rather strange question - but a real issue in my life as I have to go there ALL the time and it does drive me insane and wastes a lot of my working day - where do you have to go if you are not in to sign for post and need to go to collect it? Is it fairly nearby...I hope so!

Claire said...

You can collect your post from the delivery office situated just behind the main shopping street (close to the train station). For me too that is another (smallish) point in favour of living in Worcester Park, along with the great high street and reasonable train service into London. It's not perfect but Worcester Park is a pleasant place to live in my opinion - there's much, much worse towns out there - believe me!

ChimurengaCharlie said...

You can sign for post at the post-office collection office just off Green Lane (behind the fish&chip shop innit)

SC said...

WP is a pretty decent suburb. We've been here for a few years now and while we're just about to move on, it's been a nice place to live.

Even in the few years here there have been changes - losing M&S, gaining a Costas, Cuppaholic, various things like that. It's not bad for trains to central London and if you really have to go to Sutton you can get a quick-ish bus.

Property is nice and mixed, with flats and houses available. To be honest there's not much green space within walking distance (unless you count The Hamptons but no-one is allowed to like that). Nonsuch park is about a half-hour walk away which for me is a bit far :)

There are a number of pretty nice eateries on the high street (and a couple of not so nice ones IMO) and while I don't frequent the pubs around here that much they seem to be OK.

The only thing I'd really say were negatives are the number of charity shops popping up, increase in traffic on Central Road, and teenagers hanging around the station. But I do think that WP has a number of nice points too.

SheppyD said...

Thank you everyone who has responded! We would be moving from an area on the A23 going into Croydon so the traffic cant be all that bad compared to that can it??? LOL

Do the teenagers make people feel threatened?

SC said...

@Sheppy D
Re. the teenagers - not really, just sometimes you're not in the mood to listen to their music being played on their cellphones! To be honest they're not much of a bother. I guess teenagers are somewhat inconsiderate and self absorbed wherever they are; it's their nature...

Traffic on Central Road can be pretty heavy, especially on a weekend. It seems that a lot of people are just too cheap to pay to park in the Waitrose/council car park 10 seconds away and so dive in and out of the bays a lot. If you're driving to Kingston via Central Road, sometimes it feels like you have time to jump out of the car and grab a coffee at Costa's without delaying the people in the car behind you!

Worcester Park said...

I agree with SC's comment above. The teenagers are more of a perceived nuisance than an actual problem.

I doubt there's any town where teenagers don't hang around in groups. Thankfully WP's teenagers are by and large well-intentioned.

SheppyD said...

Oh thanks again! I feel a lot happier now! :)

We just need to find the right house for us now and of course sell this one!!!!!! Then I will feel really entitled to post on your blog!!! ;)

Eurognome said...

I've lived here over 20 years and jokingly said on this blog that the reason was that I couldn't afford to live in Cheam.
The area has changed quite a bit in this time. Better restaurant choice, Waitrose but still having independent traders who call me by my first name, great.
By the way the car park is free so why the need to "bay hop"?

Anonymous said...

SC - What about the big green space in Cuddington Park that leads all the way up to Stoneleigh?

Worcester Park said...

..and behind Green Lane school - it makes a lovely walk through the fields to see the horses and then onto the Joseph Hood park.

Anonymous said...

KFC has just had a refit, so that's a plus, surely?

avenuetop said...

If you live in the right bit of Worcester Park (i.e. Avenue/Cleveland Road) There are plenty of parks.. Auriol, Shadbolt and Parkers field behind St Marys (and the Station & High Street) all within a 10min walk. You don't get stuck as much heading to Kingston (as you go via Kingston Road, and the roads aren't busy. Only problem is it's horrendously expensive compared to the other side and properties do not come up regularly.
I liked living there, but prefer Cheam (though it takes longer to get to London)

SheppyD said...

Hi avenuetop. We were hoping to buy in that part - but it does seem hard to find any property on the market at the moment. It may take a while!

SheppyD said...

Just an update since last July! We have finally exchanged on a property in Worcester Park!!!! yay!!!!!

lucy said...

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