Sunday, 21 June 2009

No News Is Bad News

Worcester Park has said goodbye to another friendly retail face. Jay, owner of Krina News (the newsagents next to the launderette near St Philips Avenue) closed his shop yesterday.

The lease on his shop came was up for renewal and Jay has chosen to have a rest from the long hours involved in running the shop and is off to pastures new.

It leaves us, of course, with yet another empty shop unit on Central Road. Any takers?

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Katie4 said...

Shames - Jay was a really great bloke. Always friendly and chatty. Still, good luck to him!

Anonymous said...

Worcester Park is deep trouble. I admire all the people that are starting up but (and I mean no disrespect to anyone) but how long will they last? The people that have been trading for years are struggling. As someone involved with a couple of business in WP I fear we will see a few more local businesses close before the end of the year. We are not the only area with problems but when the Council offer to assist your business by reviewing your rates, spend three weeks reviewing them and come back with "we are pleased to say we can reduce your rates by £30 a year" you just think why did they bother. We keep hearing the Government is offering help for the small business, well I am sure every business in Central Road will be asking where is it? Well that's my little rant over. :)

Anonymous said...

Never mind the shops closing, I`m sure there is another charity shop opening soon.

The Parkerilla said...

Thats a great shame, I used to frequent his shop every saturday for years when I did my laundry next door, really cheerful and respected fellow, hope it all works out for him.


SC said...

That's a pity but I guess if the lease is up and you don't want to renew it's a good time to move and do something else. I guess there will be another charity shop or hair salon there soon though.

What WP really needs I reckon is a decent coffee shop - we have Costa and that's cool but it'd be good to have a bit more in the way of places to go for a cuppa I reckon.

Farewell to the shop but hopefully hello to something new soon.

jaybeeuk said...

What a shame - used to buy all the kids comics there. Good luck Jay

Anonymous said...

im going to miss jay..he was always friendly and helpfull to all..
Good Luck in whatever you decide to do..

Ian said...

It's a shame, another empty shop unit will just add to the feeling of neglect on Central Road. I can't help but think that if Sutton council spent any of the money earmarked for redeveloping Sutton town centre in WP instead, we'd really see an improvement.

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