Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Major Boost For Local Retailers

The Worcester Park Blog can exclusively reveal that local traders will receive a much needed boost this summer, thanks to the Worcester Park Traders Association and Transport For London (TFL).

To encourage local residents to walk or cycle to their local shops, TFL will be sending all households within a 2km radius of Central Road a leaflet and discount card entitling them to a 10% off their purchases from participating Worcester Park outlets.

As well as the discount, participating retailers will stamp the cards each time they are used. Card holders who collect three stamps can claim an instant free gift of a foldaway shopping bag (worth £7.99).

The scheme will be advertised in local media and, of course, in participating Worcester Park shops.

This is precisely the kind of scheme that is needed to give a vital boos to Worcester Park's local traders in these challenging times. The key, of course, is to ensure that locals continue to support their local businesses long after the promotion has ended.

In the meantime, though, hats off to Terry Dobbs (Chairman of the Traders' Association) for his hard work and determination TFL's support for this scheme.

Look out for a discount card through your door very shortly!

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SteveH said...

I saw the same sort of thing on the Money Programme last night (with Mary Portas rather than Tery Dobbs). It is a excellent idea, and one that I shall support. I'll try to get Mrs H to go somewhere apart from Waitrose......

Anonymous said...

will there be a list available of which shops are participating?

Worcester Park said...

Yes, there will be a list available very shortly here on the blog (and in the leaflets and other promotional materials around Worcester Park).

Anonymous said...

I'll be FURIOUS if KFC isn't participating.

avenuetop said...

Hold on.. encourage you to walk or cycle to the shops if you live within 2km? Every resident of Worcester Park lives within 2km of the High Street, and how many cars in the hundreds of spaces in the car parks and road bays are of Worcester Park residents... I'd say just about all. What a waste of time and money offering pointless gimmicks like this.

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