Sunday, 3 May 2009

Slip Sliding Away

A couple of local disappearances have been angering blog readers this week.

Firstly, the big slide at Mayflower Park in The Hamptons has vanished because of apparent safety concerns.

Meanwhile blog reader Ben is vexed at the sudden disappearance of a piece of Worcester Park 'street furniture':

"Do you have any idea where the bus shelter [on Malden Road] outside Worcester Park Station has gone, or if there are plans for them to remove the one on the other side of the road?

As well as protecting me from the elements in the winter it also had a useful but inaccurate Countdown display".

I think there is a great opportunity here - put the slide that has been taken away from The Hamptons outside Worcester Park station, where the bus shelter once was and give commuters something to smile about whilst they wait for the 213 to Sutton.

I think I'll write to my local councillor straight away.

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fwilkes said...

My husband advises me the bus stop was the victim of an early morning road traffic accident earlier in the week; a car had smashed into it.

The Parkerilla said...

I noticed not the disappearanace of the bus shelter but it's arrivals board this morning. I dont usually travel from that stop but do from the other side of the road towards Kingston. I wondered why the Kingston bound side had a shelter and (very useful and, perhaps, surprisingly accurate)arrivals board but the Sutton bound side didn't but now I know why, it did have one but it's gorn, the only question is Why? I think we should be told.

Mr P said...

Took my little boy to the Hamptons at the weekend. Very disappointed to see the slide gone.

I try to like the estate, I really do - but if the residents want a selective process for visitors they should gate the estate and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Hamptons and although I have very little to do with the residents association, I do get the updates via email - as far as I know, the slide was supposed to be taken away last year as a young boy broke his leg going down it, and it was classed as unsafe.

St James (the management company) have been promising to take it away for ages, and replace it with new equipment.

So here's hoping new things get put up soon! We're all waiting for it..

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that the housing association tenants aren't receiving the usual bashing. I've never come across problems from them (yes, you hear the occasional shouting and swearing at kids - by their parents - but you do across Worcester Park, Sutton, etc).

Are the private residents responsible for the barrier on the footpath between the Hamptons and Browning Avenue? I believe there may even be a cycle sign on Browning Avenue at this point.

But... Try getting a bike through that barrier. You have to get off a push bike and then lift it up and carry it at an angle, which isn't easy with full bike bags.

How do the 4x4 buggies cope?

The Hamptons is generally a positive addition to Worcester Park - because of the extra green space. Let's hope it remains public space.

Anonymous said...

I live on the Hampton's and can give a couple of insights to what has been done.
First of all the passage from browning avenue was modified by St James and not at the request of residents.
Secondly the slide was removed by the managing agents after repeated requests from the residents to replace it after it was condemned by ROSPA and to be replaced with more age appropriate equipment suitable for all age groups. This was done to provoke action from St James who we all love not!!
Watch this space or the empty space in the park for their reaction :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the Browning Avenue passage and I will contact St James's Homes if I can be bothered. Contacting Sutton - who presumably own the footpath - won't achieve anything.

Wheelchairs won't be able to use this passageway/public footpath to the park, which is probably contrary to all sorts of laws about access for all. Neither will old folks' buggies. No matter what you think about them, it's admirable to see people with the gusto to get out and about at an old age who would otherwise struggle by foot/car.

As I said earlier, you have to lift a push bike at an angle in order to get it through the barriers.

At least people with fighting spirit have opened up access from Pigs' Alley to the Hamptons pond area, making pedestrian access easier for people who live on Garth Road.

It's a pity that great industrial estate is in the way - it blocked off public footpaths to Garth Road, therefore preventing easy access to the 293 bus. Worcester Park probably once had a nice network of public footpaths.

Gordo's Neighbour said...

The house (in the Hamptons) directly facing the footpath from Browning, has been the target of some undesireable elements - it got a brick (or stone) through the kitchen window recently. Now that the sun's out for longer, residents have also had problems with some of the teenagers who have been coming in through that accessway.

I'm one of those Hampton residents who welcomes the open access of the park to all, but do I really have to put up with such mischief?

It's not just the youth, I regularly see large dogs running around unleashed, despits signs saying all dogs should be on leads - the reason it's important is that there are a large number of toddlers within the estate, and part of the allure of the Hamptons (and the reason why residents moved in knowing they'd be paying maintenance of this park) is that we want our young kids to run around the streets/park safely. Dogs or kids? Some may prefer the former, but I for one am coming close to clubbing the next unleashed dog I see running around near my four year old.

Anonymous said...

I see your point about yobs and dogs. But putting up a barrier which prevents cycle access isn't going to stop a 15-year-old coming through with a brick/ a tattooed man with his dog, etc.

It is wide enough to walk through - but that's about it. I haven't got round to chasing up the access for all issue with Sutton and St James's yet.

Good luck on any attempts to crack down on unleashed dogs.

WARcester Park said...

If Gordo's Neighbour starts clubbing unleashed dogs can I start clubbing the unleashed kids who run about out of control in places like costa?

Andrew said...

I find it hard to believe that anyone, however ignorant and mentally stunted, can draw a comparison between kids running around in a coffee shop, and Stafs. or Bull terrier type dogs being allowed to run free and unhindered throughout a public park. The owners clearly have no real control over these animals, which may not actually be on the dangerous dogs list, but are so close in breed that they may just aswell be. It doesnt bear thinking about, the damage one of these animals could do to a child in the time it would take the owner to run over to the scene and control their dog.

After the recent reports of such incidents in the press, how can you be so flippant and totally ignorant?

Also, while we're on the subject...If you walk through the Hamptons from Boscombe road, i challenge you to reach the 'new england' part of the Hamptons without treading in about a dozen shades of dog s**t. I didnt realise that the area past the white gates was a communal canine toilet. Its so disgusting that some trampy people thinks its acceptable to let their dog crap on the street then just leave it there. One word, Chavs!

WARcester Park said...

I can easily be flippant and ignorant as I want coffee in peace without unleashed, out of control kids bothering me. The simple sollution to stopping kids getting eaten by 'out of control dogs' in a park is leash the kids.

Darwin said...

The dog/child dilema is one that nature will resolve. In the wild many species have several offspring knowing that some will not make it to adulthood. If the Hampton residents are worried about dogs getting their eat on (yes that is a scientific term, I am a scientian so should know) with their children, then they should simply have more children and expect one or two of them to get picked off from time to time.

The Parkerilla said...

Dogs versus Costa Kids, there's only one way to settle it ...... FIGHT!!!

Anonymous said...

That's not the simple solution, that's the twats' solution.

Andrew said...

Im glad to see everyone can have a laugh at the expense of this issue, but it was brought up as a serious point and it would be nice to have a bit of serious discussion on this site for once, instead of stupid tit for tat sarcastic comments. If you havent got kids and just wanna take the piss, stay out of the conversation. it is a problem whether you like it or not. So many people round here have these massive status dogs, and so many times ive seen dweeby teenagers walking them along, and i just think that a) they are more likely to be aggressive as ive seen them winding their dogs up for a good laugh, and b) they would have no chance whatsoever of keeping the dog under control, even if it was on a leash.

Its a serious issue, with a number of small children already dead in the last year because of this. Something needs to be done.

Plus the dog shit is an absolutely skanky stinking chavvy nuiscance!

Geoxis said...

I am so glad, I don't leave on this side of Worcester Park...

I must say everytime I come on this blog, I either cry or laugh - because I am thinking with all this excellent and creative or should I say constructive criticism, Worcester Park as a community will get far! (NOT)… The more I think about it and the more I can’t wait to move out.

Anonymous said...

i agree that the chavs need to stop bringing worcester park down, the police should be more present in worcester park to stop this.

the only way i see of the hamptons issues being resolved is to use cameras.

Anonymous said...

I emailed tfl regardng the bus shelter on the same side as Worcester Park Station and they immediately replied that it would be replaced mid November, in fact it was replaced before this date. It had to be specially designed . Thanks to tfl. Hopefully it will not be covered in grafitti.

BenjyP said...

I hope that it will be graffitied, especially as we appear to have an awesome local graffiti artist. I will e-mail the picture to Mr WP, hopefully he will show it. It was on a wall on the path up the back of the Hamptons, sadly it has already been tagged over so it is no longer visible. But its worth a monthly walk at least as very often there are some great pieces of can handling

Cheamcommoner said...

What is it with people having a go at the poor old staffy ?.. I used to have a staff (before they were the fashion accessory they are now) and have never owned a calmer more pleasant animal. She was never agressive towards any human and adored kids (no not to eat) In fact she would lick you to death rather than bite.

The only dogs that are aggressive are those that are mistreated or untrained which on both accounts is down to the owner.

Staffs are affectionate, loving and loyal, the only issue with staffs are that they can become agressive to other dogs, but again a properly trained staff will obey it's owner the same as any other breed.

It really is such a same that the media has decided to lump the staff in with any dog that attacks by calling them "Bull terrier types". This only causes the public to become paranoid when seeing a happy healthy well behaved dog out and about.

It's always very sad when you hear about dog attacks on children but you really have to look beyond the headlines to see that it ISN'T a staff and lets be honest, would anyone be stupid enough to leave a baby/toddler alone in a room with ANY dog.

To be honest a much more viscious dog is the chihuahua. I know this to be fact as my grandmother used to have one and the little rat type thing used to viscously bite my ankles every time i went in the house... for hours !!

So please, if you happen to see a staff out there give it a brief thought before you condemn it to the pound as Staffys have feelings too !

Andrew H said...

I have to admit aswell, that the alley behind the Hamptons leading to the stables, 'cats/pigs alley', has always been a bit of a haven for graffiti artists, and some of them ive seen over the years have been really really good. It certainly, on the most part, brightens up a walk that would otherwise be a few hundred meters of collapsing concrete wall.

It looks to me like the whole of the wall at one part has been painted silver though. As if the council had done it themselves maybe? Its a nice backdrop, but it would have probably taken about 50 cans of the stuff to cover that much area, and im sure the kids would much rather buy 500 cans of white lightning for that money! Either way, some of the people who go down there are clearly very talented, others, well, not so much.

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