Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sutton To Read

Is anyone else in Worcester Park not receiving their weekly dose of the Sutton Guardian? I haven't received a copy through the doors of Worcester Park Towers for over six months now.

Mind you, as so many Worcester Park stories start off here on the blog and end up in the Sutton Guardian a week later, it's not the greatest of losses.

Also the Sutton Guardian is available to read in its online format, which is great for those who still want their fix but proves absolutely useless for lining cat baskets and wrapping breakables in. Shame.

What I do miss, though, are confusingly bizarre gems like this one on the latest letters page, from F Leimil of Worcester Park:

"...In January 2008 I noticed broken glass on the corner of my road. As I have a dog I went and swept it up myself. Five months later my dog died of old age.

Concentrate on the essentials. Let's concentrate on the vandals.

On a different subject, remember chocolate is toxic to dogs."

Answers on a postcard, please.

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The Parkerilla said...

Perhaps they've stopped delivering to your house because they're embarrassed by the number of articles in the paper which have been poached from your blog.

Mark Hill said...

And the worcester park blogger never uses Sutton Guardian stories on its website..pot and kettle methinks

Anonymous said...

Cutting down on the number of copies is hardly a great way to encourage advertisers (the reason for Newsquest/Gannett's huge fall in revenue). Which streets are receiving copies?

There is very little journalism anywhere, let alone the local papers. Nationals (hard copy and online) mainly take their news from PA and Reuters (global news agencies) and locals from council press releases (and your blog).

And you'll probably find that your readers' comments are raided and taken out of proportion/context (if the journalist is not familiar with the debate), which is why people have to be careful not to put anything libellous (even if in jest) online. Time will tell, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Number of stories in this week' Sutton Guardian: 49

Extrapolated number of articles in four months' worth of Sutton Guardians: 784

Number of posts on this blog in the past four months: 61

Even if every single post was stolen, and I'm sure they are as its such a good source of news, I'd hardly call it embarrassing.

Having said that, if no one's getting the Guardian delivered, what's the point?

Ian Morris said...

I work in WP and the shop I work in has a front door which is effectively a staff entrance. For some unknown reason a Sutton guardian is posted through it in the morning and then we get a second one posted through it latter in the afternoon. Two 'lucky' people are quite welcome to them as we just end up sticking them straight in the recycling.

The 90s said...

I used to prefer living in New Malden, not least because we used to get the superior Kingston Informer.

You no say daddy-me Snow-me I go blame, I licky boom boom down and so on and so forth.

Worcester Park said...

The90s: I'm ashamed to say I had to Google the last sentence of your comment to make sense of it. Must be showing my age.

Babs said...

I have lived in Worcester Park for 2 years and have never once received a copy of the Sutton Guardian through my door. I do, however, get approximately 3,000 tonnes of badly designed and poorly spelt leaflets (including one for our very own MP!) for services I shall never require.

Jacey said...

I live just off Farm Way and we haven't seen the Guardian for about 6 weeks - round about the time I decided to advertise in it. Never mind but I guess they don't pay much to deliver them, or the 3,000 tonnes of junk mail.

Anonymous said...

I've been in touch with Newsquest and they say that they have nobody to deliver it in the area??
Seems a bit strange given the number of unemployed people at present, although they probably don't pay much and it wouldn't be worth it if you're on benefits because you'd get your benefits cut proportionately.
That is the beauty of our benefits system- it doesn't encourage you to get a part-time job because you end up no better off...whatever you earn you get cut off of your benefits.

I would suggest if anybody wants a top-up job delivering The Guardian then they contact Newsquest.

Cheamcommoner said...

May i suggest that Newsquest are talking out of thier asses... we haven't had the paper delivered for months, my wife enquired and was told that there was nobody available to deliver. My eldest son volunteered for the job but was told that he would be placed on the waiting list.
He would be only too pleased to earn some extra pocket money ! however newsquest still say that they have no vacancies.

How very odd eh.

Anonymous said...

i think your find, Newsquest are not being truthful by telling you they have a waiting list. Many areas have been cut on there distribution listing and yours must be one of these. They couldn't organise a pee up in a brewery

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