Sunday, 10 May 2009

Scare Craft

Was anyone else startled by the jet that flew low over Worcester Park on Saturday night, around 9.50pm?

Alerted by the sudden roar of its engines I rushed to the back door in time to glimpse what looked like a small passenger jet shooting over Worcester Park in a northerly direction.

Blog reader Victor was similarly spooked:

"A pinpoint of very bright light appeared in the sky which grew in size and flew north-east right over Central road at tremendous speed and with a deafening unusual roar.

I was with my partner and we both saw this so we couldn't both of imagined it. It was the most unusual thing we've ever seen!"

Very strange indeed.

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Andrew said...

My girlfriend and i were watching tv, and i heard what I thought was a regular passenger plane, but as it passed it made such a crazy, loud noise, akin to the noise they make when the engines are powered down. But it just kept getting louder and nearer, I honestly thought it was going to crash pretty near here. jumped to the window but couldn't see anything at all. Pretty unnerving!

felipe said...

i saw it go overhead on Charminster road'Twas a low flying Boeing 737. probably had a missed approach at Heathrow and can't fly the loop higher due to traffic. I remember this happening with a 747 last year. nowthat did scare me!

David said...

I agree with Felipe. It probably had to do another low circuit before making another attempt at landing or else had some engine trouble and had to approach Heathrow as quickly as possible. This could account for the very unusual approach and very tight turn I witnessed it perform as it headed towards the airport.

coffee man said...

i heard it but was too slow to get to the window. but it sounded very low.
has anyone contacted the Civil Aviation Authority to report it .they keep records of all flights!!!!

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